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Review: Boston


Boston, United States

USA holiday -3- Boston

  • By SilverTraveller granh

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  • Aug 2014
  • Family including children under 16

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After our strenuous week “chilling out ”at the seaside we finished our USA holiday with a week in Boston.

On Monday we woke early as usual and Philip got tea by 6-30am, which was very good of him as he had to make two journeys up the steep stairs, carrying one at a time. We got up and went a walk down to the harbour, taking some photos of the jetty. After breakfast, packing was finished and car packed. We left by 10am for the next stage of our holiday, a stay in Boston. To make the journey more interesting we followed the coast road for a while – past holiday resort land, and stopped at the Stonewall Kitchen again, for lunch and to buy a few souvenirs. The rest of the journey was on major roads with only one navigation mishap, that was soon rectified. There was a problem finding the apartment, due to the map not making it clear that there was no access to the road we wanted from our direction of travel, then a lot of roads were one way. Got there in the end and found a spot to park outside the apartment – where the car stayed put all week! We went a walk to the local shops where we had a drink and snack before buying provisions, which was a bit tricky as everything was organic, strangely marked or packaged. All felt worn out, so an early night.

On Tuesday, we walked to the nearest T station and bought a week travel ticket. We travelled to the Aquarium stop by the port, as Alison and children wanted to go there. Philip and myself got a tour bus and went round the city. We looked round Quincy market, a huge food outlet place with every kind of cooked food to buy from stalls and eat in a large central atrium .We found some fish and chips which pleased Philip! Got the bus again to the navel dockyard where we looked round two ships, a modern one and a sailing ship. We then got on a bus until it coincided with a T station, got off and came back. It was very hot walking back though and I didn’t realise that the equal walk to the next T station was more pleasant, through a linear park, in the shade. After a rest, we walked to the shops to buy something for a meal. Very hot outside, but the apartment is surrounded by trees, so, although dark it was at least cool. There was a netting swing in the garden, like a folded hammock which the children enjoyed.

Wednesday was even hotter, with temperature up to 30. Discovered a nice café by the T station, so had coffee before we set off. We went to Aquarium again where Alison and the children went on a whale watching trip. We went on a more modest harbour cruise, the ferry that links the main islands near Boston. Got off at one island and had a beef burger for lunch and a look round an old fort museum. It was cooler on the boat than on land. We got back and had to rest before going to the shop for food. The decision not to go whale watching had been the right one for us, it had been quite a bumpy trip , (I get sea sick and Philip has trouble with balance) but they did see some whales, to Nate’s delight.

On Wednesday, we walked to T station, having coffee en route. We spent all day in the Science Museum, which was excellent. There was an electricity show with lots of loud noises and flashes of light. The live animal show featured a skunk, and the cases of stuffed birds were just right to help with my ID problems. There was lots of hands on things to do, aimed at both adults and children, especially in the Human Body section. We spent over 7 hours there and didn’t get bored or see it all. The only downside was the mediocre café, and a gift shop that wasn’t en route to the exit, so I missed it. Me and Philip came back a bit earlier than the others, so a late meal was ready for them.

Friday was our last day, and energy running low. Nate stayed in with Philip in the morning watching stuff on the I Pad, while Alison, Ellie and me went to the art gallery – via the T station café for coffee. Had lunch in a pleasant courtyard and came back. Nate perked up, but Ellie tired, so Alison took Nate to the Natural History over in Cambridge. Ellie watched on the I Pad till the battery run down. Philip continued to enjoy his day of rest. I took myself off for a walk along the linear park, and back along the streets – saw some blue jays. There was a bit of a mix up about the evening meal, but ended up meeting at the shops and found a seafood restaurant which did food wagamma style (and fish and chips for Philip)

We were up earyl on Saturday, We packed and loaded car, then went walk. We called at a café for coffee then walked to Jamaica pool, which was pleasant to walk round in the shade. Alison and children went to the fish restaurant for lunch, while me and Philip had a sandwich. Met up by a play area and stayed for a while, then back to the car with a nervous drive to the airport. Alison had lost her map and bought another with more detail on it but difficult to see. We had the usual problem of knowing where we wanted to go only to find there was no access road – even at the intersection of two main roads! We finally navigated onto the main road to the airport, only to find it wasn’t signposted as such till we were almost there! We dived into a tunnel, and from there the airport was signposted, also the car rental returns. What a relief to get the car back undamaged, and my navigation task finished! Later, Ellie made us two badges, one for driving and one for navigation! There was a long wait at the airport. Despite the stress and a few wrong turns, we were there by 3pm. Bags were checked in at 4pm, then through security. Sat around, walked around, had snacks and played cards until the plane was due to leave about 9-30pm. It was late being serviced, so we were left to stand in a corridor prior to getting on for what seemed to be ages.

We flew back overnight, losing 5 hours, so landed early Sunday morning. I didn’t manage to sleep. I watched Noah on the inflight entertainment and sat feeling bored and uncomfortable after an inflight meal served at a time I wouldn’t usually eat! Got through passport control quite quickly and luggage collection, but a long delay waiting for transport back to purple parking, which annoyed Philip. Eventually got back to car and set off for home, navigating round Heathrow to avoid the M25. Stopped at the first service station for a decent cup of coffee, then straight back. Philip had managed to sleep on the plane, so was ok driving – I felt very tired, almost dropping off to sleep several times. Back home, and to bed for a few hours sleep!

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