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The real Florida

  • By SilverTraveller Audrey-Clark

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  • Jun 2013
  • Husband

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When our family was young we visited Florida but didn't really get past the theme parks. The weather was so pleasant we knew we would go back when we both retired and during June 2013 we did just that. Initially we decided to go for three weeks but decided tag on a Caribbean cruise to tick off our bucket list, well we were buying the flights anyway so why go back to do a cruise at a later date. The idea was to tour non-Disney places and we made a decision not to hire a car but to use public transport – this was extremely liberating. The cheapest option (did I mention we were on a budget) was to fly to Orlando then get a small internal flight to Naples where we stayed 4 days at a beautiful budget hotel. We then took a taxi to Ft Myers and took a the fast ferry to Key West which was wonderful. After a week travelling around the Key's we took a greyhound bus to Miami (eventually anyway) stopping along the way. We pushed the boat out in Miami and stayed in an Art Deco hotel on South Beach, celebrating 4 July on the beach right opposite our hotel – in the warm but pouring rain! Miami was marvellous and we made god use of water taxis, tour buses their elevated train which goes non stop around the city centre. Then we went on our cruise from Miami. We did a lot do day trips from all the places we stayed and made full use of public transport. We always visited the tourist information office to find out the cheapest ticket option and to see if any coupons were on offer, usually they were and we did a lot do 2 for the price of one. In planning the holiday the internet was essential and we made sure we our hotels had internet access but in fact so many public places in Florida had free wi-fi that this wasn't really necessary. To prevent us lugging heavy cases around (no car remember) we ensured every 5 days we had access to a launderette. The holiday was marvellous but we really did spend a lot of time researching. Using public transport may not be for everyone but we were in no hurry and found people were extremely friendly and helpful, if slightly bemused! We obviously took our personal safety seriously and didn't stray far from our hotel at night. We booked every element of the holiday ourselves so if it had gone wrong we only had ourselves to blame – but it didn't!

21 people found this review helpful

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