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Review: Llangollen


Denbighshire, United Kingdom

Picturesque North Wales

  • By SilverTraveller Manzara

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  • Apr 2014
  • Husband

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Despite looks of alarm on the faces of friends when I told them that Peter and I would be spending a few days in April in Llangollen in North Wales, we decided to be optimistic, hope for sunshine and brave whatever arrived! After all, Wales is one of the most beautiful areas in Great Britain and Llangollen offers some quaint buildings and interesting 'things to do'.

We stayed at a Guest House in the town centre so had to use one of the town car parks which was a 2/3 minute walk away. However, our accommodation rental included free parking so it was worth that small inconvenience. We easily found a variety of restaurants, some alongside the spectacular River Dee. 'The Cornmill' is a converted old water-mill with a huge water wheel turning slowly behind the bar. We decided to eat lunch there and chose seats on an outside deck within a few feet of the mill race and the rapids … and, hooray, the sun was out!

There are plenty of shops here, antique shops, charity shops, gift shops and a plethora of interesting little independent shops selling arts and crafts. I was glad to see that there were no named High Street stores to spoil the unique shopping experience offered here.

Then we decided to have a trip on a horse drawn canal boat from Llangollen Wharf. We chose the Public trip which lasts 45 minutes, but you can book a 2 hour trip, also horse drawn, if you prefer. This takes you to the very splendid Horseshoe Falls – a man made weir shaped like a horseshoe but blending beautifully with the natural landscape. It was peaceful with the clippety-clop of the horse, just drifting slowly past the pretty river banks with primroses and daffodils abounding. Just mind the splashes when the ropes are hauled up! Don't forget to pat the horse when you disembark – I saw carrots being gratefully nibbled.

Next was the Llangollen Museum, FREE entrance! A quaint collection of Automobilia, some extremely rare and interesting exhibits, one being the oldest motor drawn caravan in Britain plus boxes of motor-related bric brac for sale. Thoughtfully provided is a chair and table with plenty of magazines for the female who feels she has seen enough gaskets, clutches and fan belts but her beloved is on his third trip around this huge indoor site. A small shop selling cold drinks and chocolate bars is a useful distraction for restless visitors.

Llangollen railway ( a victim of Dr. Beeching), is now run by enthusiasts – a standard gauge Heritage railway, you can ride a steam train whilst watching the ever un-folding scenery through your carriage window.

We decided to get in our car and drive over Horseshoe Pass, the A452. The road reaches a height of 417 metres so you can imagine the breathtaking sights as we saw from the comfort of our own car.

A lovely relaxing three days and we were SO lucky with the weather. However, even without the sun, the majestic mountains and the pretty cottages would all have been worth visiting.

34 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • Manzara
    over 6 years ago
    Yes, we were quite surprised that our days were so sunny and warm, although the nights were chilly! I holidayed in Wales a lot when I was younger and remember good weather then.

    It's a shame that Wales is associated with rain but I admit that this area does get its fair share. But then look at all that lovely lush green countryside - it just has to be so!
  • ESW
    over 6 years ago
    For about 25 years we holidayed in North Wales over Easter. The weather actually can be quite good then, apart from the cold winds. We often came back bronzed and everyone wanted to know where we'd been....