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Review: Cape Verde Islands


Cape Verde

Island of dreams

  • By SilverTraveller tedscott54

    3 reviews

  • Jun 2013
  • Wife

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Do you dream about the perfect holiday idyll, no shops, no extra costs, no queues, no stress? Then I strongly suggest you try out Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands. Yes, I had to look it up too. It's off the coast of Africa, depending on whose maps you look at its close to the Gambia or Mauritania, the third largest of the ten island group, portuguese speaking Boa Vista offers perfect sandy beaches, sun and warm waters. We travelled to this island paradise with Thomson holidays and stayed at the relatively modest (in size)Royal Decameron hotel. The accommodation is made up of small two story apartments, lots of steps, so not perfect for those with mobility issues, reasonably appointed, its a hot third world country so don't expect the Ritz, rooms are cleaned daily and fresh towels provided every day. The food was varied, my only criticism would be that it was never 'hot', but it was always possible to find something to eat from the buffet style restaurant. There are also two al a carte restaurants, we only tried one of the two and were reasonably satisfied with the standard. Everything is provided for on this holiday, such as beach towels, so just bring your cozzies and suncream. The drinks, mostly local are bearable if a little bland, but take your own duty free if your 'picky'. The Islands motto is 'No Stress' and it certainly lives up to that, with friendly staff and lovely people, should you decide to venture out of the hotel complex. Be aware that this is a third world country so be prepared for locals trying to sell you something, 'come to my shop, for special ASDA bargains' is a popular call. But a polite no, is usually sufficient stop from being pestered. Taxis are reasonably priced and the locals do like to haggle, so try and find bargains, we enlisted the services of a local taxi (normally Toyota/Ford pick-ups) are an experience, be aware cross country on dirt tracks can leave you looking the worse for wear and in need of a bath. Overall my wife and I enjoyed a terrific fortnight meeting some lovely people (locals included), try the Social Club near Sal Rei for edible snacks and generously proportioned drinks, if you fancy a change from the hotel. The only down side, is that the hotel caters mainly for the French, but hey, No Stress.

25 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • Marpau
    over 1 year ago
    We have just returned from Boa Vista we stayed at the Riu Karamboa a beautiful hotel which looks like a sand castle rising from the beach. Lovely food with great choices. Rooms are cleaned daily and hotel is very clean. There is wide variety of activities during the day and the fitness guys work really hard which is good as the only place to walk or run is the long sandy beach. A short taxi ride takes you to the capital Sal Rei where you can haggle with the locals who all want you to visit their shops. Almost everything is imported so tend to be a bit pricey we spent very little due to this. Other than whale watching and quad biking there is not a lot to see if so making this the idea place for a totally relaxing holiday. Temperatures were average of 26° however being an island it was windy so need to use plenty of sun cream to avoid burning.
  • Marpau
    almost 2 years ago
    Very useful review looking forward to visiting Boa Vista this year