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Review: Marrakesh (Marrakech)


Marrakesh, Morocco

Amazing Marrakech Experience

  • By SilverTraveller ASHAMLIWALA

    8 reviews

  • Feb 2013
  • Wife

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Started off on a very cold morning at Gatwick Airport. Having already checked on-line on EasyJet, very easy and convenient; went straight to the departures at Gatwick North Terminal. Flight took off on time and very happy to be off to sunny climes. Lovely journey and arrived at Marrakesh airport. It takes a long time to get through the security but it was worth it. What a lovely place and lovely people. Arrived at the Hotel – Taleg Kasbah – beautiful and amazing with lovely sunshine and lots of colour everywhere. After checking in and a quick clean up went in search of food. First experience of the wonderful staff – had a beautiful lunch of typical Moroccan food and French desert. After a brief rest the shuttle took us to the Main Square. The whole experience of Marrakesh hits you with full pelt. Lots of people, cars, horse carriages, snake charmers, water carriers, musicians, food and drink sellers and biscuit sellers. It seems over whelming but IT REALLY IS NOT. The people are not pushy and once you say 'No Merci' they leave you alone. We took our time and enjoyed the experience. Lovely cafes everywhere to sit and have a coffee and enjoy people watching. We wondered off to the indoor market – souks – and found a treasure. An explosion of colours and amazing aroma of spices and other beautiful things. Tasted all sorts of things and no pressure to buy. It was a shear pleasure to deal with the shop keepers as they were very polite, knowledgeable and helpful as well as Non pushy. Three hours went by very swiftly. Next day we went to the meeting of the tour rep – and contra to what we had been told by another guest – it was worth going and also booked out seats on the complimentary tour of Marrakesh. IT WAS SO WORTH IT. We were taken to all sorts of places and given a history lesson as well as a cultural lesson both very interesting and informative. We also went to the madina and local areas that an average tourist would never see. After the official tour they let us stay in the square and enjoy the amazing going ons. A must is a fresh Orange Juice for 4 MAD (MAD = MOROCCAN DIRHAM) – about 25 pence. Lots of lovely pastries. We wandered and found a travel agent and booked a day trip to the Atlas mountains and the Berber valley for next day. An amazing day – Lots of things to see and experience- from the Spice Gardens to the Authentic Berber Houses and Food to the Atlas mountain and water falls. With a brilliant English speaking guide – actually he spoke English, French, German, Arabic, Dutch and Italian – we had a fantastic day. Next day we went to a Hammam and One-hour Massage. The Hammam is like a steam bath with a difference – the attendant washes you with hot water and then scrubs you with black olive oil soap and lets your skin be cleaned and refreshed. Then it is off to a massage. This was probably the BEST FULL BODY MASSAGE I have ever had – and I have had a few in my time all over the world. You come out of there completely a new person. A Must for any trip to Marrakesh. During the next couple days we explored the Jewish quarters and lots of other souks. Found some amazing things and bought a lot of things too. Lots of beautiful things made from pottery , wood and leather. One thing is for sure there must be more craftsmen in Marrakesh than anywhere in the world. They are a dab hand at all sorts of things. Obviously we could not buy everything. One gem we did discover on the last day – It is the best kept secret in Marrakesh for sure. Right at the far end of the square you enter one of the last souks and third or fourth on the left is a little 'Fish restaurant'. Nothing very grand or lavish. They give you a taste of their fish as you approach the counter. We went in and ordered a Plater of Mixed Seafood. Before the platter arrived they serve each person with a plate of salsa, a plate of grilled Aubergine, Moroccan bread and three dishes of Olives – Green,Red and Black. Also some olive oil for dipping. This is just while you are waiting. We also requested a plate of Harrisa – a Moroccan hot/sweet chilli type sauce. The platter arrived and it was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the food. I thought that the waiter had made a mistake and we had been served with all this food that we had not ordered. However when I asked for the bill, the boss came to the table and asked us if we had enjoyed the Food. We said it was the best. He was please to hear that and gave us the bill. A SHOCK – One plate of Mixed Seafood – 60 MAD. Just under £5.00. I was expecting three or four times that at least. I thanked him for his hospitality and he said 'god willing he will see us again'. I had taken some photographs of the restaurant and the food plater and you will see what I mean. It is a shame I have to let out the Secret but these chaps deserve the publicity – they were just amazing and served some of the freshest fish and off-course the complimentary side dishes. We had a full day on the last day in the Square Area and eventually – reluctantly went off to the hotel and got ready for our trip back home. We arrived in London – '-2 degrees and cold and dark'. One thing for sure we are already looking to see when we can get back to Marrakesh and for longer that just a few days.

131 people found this review helpful

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