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Review: Everglades City


United States

One of the smallest cities?

  • By SilverTraveller Ian

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  • Jun 2012
  • Adult family

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A trip to the Everglades is a must if you want to experience the real Florida, however Everglades City must be one of the smallest cities in the world. In the UK there needs to be a cathedral in a town before it can become a city. Well we only saw a very attractive small white church/chapel in Everglades City. However it is an interesting little place, spread around the edge of the waterways that come in from the Gulf and spread on into the mangrove swamps that makes this place so famous. take an airboat ride with Captain Doug as your pilot/guide and you will have a great experience. As we set off from the dockside he whistled and a couple of friendly pelicans lifted from the opposite bank and landed on the foot of our airboat. He threw one of them a fish which it just seemed to keep in it's stretchy lower beak, quite strange when you are that close up. We then saw several aligators, all seemed quite used to the noisy boats and stayed on top of the water to keep an evil eye on us. Doug told us he used to wrestle aligators for the tourists when he was younger, then he had fished in the Gulf for many years before turning to the airboat business. He obviously knew the swamps like the back of his hand and told us all about the aligators and their habits as he took us around the various view points. At one point he had an aligator sit up and almost beg for what it thought was a fish, but was really just a white sock he had smacked on the surface of the water. Great photo opportunity. That night we learned that another guide later that morning lost his left hand, bitten off by that same gator when he tried the same trick. Unfortunately the aligator was later shot to recover the guy's hand, but an attempt to reattach it later in hospital failed. He was later charged with illegally feeding the aligator, as he had used a real fish to get the aligator to "beg" for it. No there isn't a lot to see in everglades City, but the food was good, the motel was comfy and clean. The people were really friendly, and helpful without being pushy. The experience of getting up close to wild aligators in their own environment is worth the trip. Recommended.

17 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • Ian
    over 5 years ago
    We were there in June, and yes it was hot!! However once the airboat got moving there was a nice breeze that helped to cool us down. We chose to take the first airboat ride of the day so as to avoid the heat later, by which time we were back in the car heading down to the Keys.
  • Kenbob
    over 5 years ago
    Only been to the Everglades once many years ago. did not see anything interesting. Just remember it being very hot and humid.