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Villefranche sur Mer

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  • Sep 2012
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We were staying in Nice and decided that we would like to visit Beaulieu sur Mer because it had been recommended to my friend as an interesting place to see. We boarded the train on a very hot early September morning. To say that we were packed like sardines is an understatement. To add to our general discomfort, somebody next to us had been eating a lot of garlic. I love garlic, but in the heat and with the lack of air conditioning the smell was intensified 100 times.

The train stopped at its first stop: Villefranche sur Mer. We did not know anything about it although it had featured in an online French language course that we had both studied. We were a little curious about it, but time was limited so we thought that we would have to save our visit for another time. A few people got off the train and a few more got on, making it incredibly uncomfortable and the heat was stifling. We leant against each other and various other people, apologising in French for doing so. Five minutes passed; ten minutes; 15 – nothing happened. We waited. After about 25 minutes a message came over the loudspeaker saying that the train could not continue its journey as it was too full, and people were asked to get off and wait for the next train. About two people got off. Five minutes later the message was repeated. People were getting fractious. The doors were opened and we decided to get out and wait as we were almost suffocating inside the train. One man began shouting that he would be late for an appointment, so the Police were called. After half an hour we decided to cut our losses and get out at Villefranche, leaving Beaulieu for another day.

We are so glad that we did. It is indeed a lovely place with a ‘villagey’ feel – far more attractive and cleaner than Nice in our opinion. There is a harbour – very popular with cruise ships; a citadel housing an art gallery which is surrounded by beautiful gardens; shops; an ‘upmarket’ market; open air theatre, plus numerous cafes and restaurants, and, of course, the beach which is safe, quiet, peaceful and ideal for swimming in the calm, warm Mediterranean.

The next day we did get to Beaulieu sur Mer and found it very disappointing after Villefranche.

41 people found this review helpful

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