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Review: Tenerife


Tenerife, Spain

Made for Winters

  • By SilverTraveller dmelroy

    7 reviews

  • Feb 2010
  • Husband

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I've always thought we are so lucky to have the splendid Canaries within moderately easy travelling distance. More and more as we get older the UK climate has a demoralising effect on our morale, the demeanour of folk visibly deteriorates as the long nights draw in and grey is the predominant colour. It's essential to have something to look forward to as well as the actual pleasure of being on a sun kissed island.

One of the big drawbacks of Tenerife of course has always has been the time share hassles. It's reached a point in the past where we've been reluctant to leave the hotel for fear of being accosted by persistent salesmen. I wouldn't say touting in it's various guises will ever be eradicated totally, but at least nowadays it's no worse than you'd expect in say Tunisia, the Carribean or various other tourist destinations. It's bearable, particularly if you've developed a thicker skin over the years.

That sunshine though is a powerful magnet isn't it, and as I say a little over four hours away. Some of the beaches, being volcanic ash from Teide, do you leave you feeling a little on the 'mucky' side. But that's a small price to pay for sitting on a beach in February, paperback in hand, the bleak skies of northern England seemingly a million miles away.

Talking of Teide, this is a must do. It's a bit of a faff on getting to it's highest points, but I'd still recommend making the effort. There literally is nothing else like it in Europe nevermind Spain. And it makes those black beaches more psychologically tolerable after you've experienced the plus side of the volcano. If you're still brave enough and active enough, I'd advocate going downhill on a bike. That really is exhilerating?

I'm sure most people will view Tenerife as just another beach holiday, Teide apart, and I wouldn't argue. All I'm saying is what price do you put on that virtually guaranteed, beautiful sunshine, in the middle of a UK Winter. I'm already dreaming of it.

133 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • solobackpacker
    almost 2 years ago
    A few nice tips in that first review, and for which I am grateful - thank you. I personally have not found a problem regarding being hassled by timeshare reps. It's true to say that one part of the island may differ from the next. Golf Del Sur happens to be a personal favourite location albeit a little more than average where I stayed.
    Winter in Tenerife is amazing and it seems like the majority of tourists tend to know that too.
    One problem that I did have was trying to hire a car in Tenerife. The first trip I made I found out the hard way that one should not try and book a car in the winter when you arrive on the island. The last lesson I learned was not only to do a price runner for car rental in advance, but also to digest car hire fuel policies when you have time. Not in a busy office. This site I found also explains what you find in the small print in car hire policies. I did find this confusing at first and then a little stressful as I had not understood the local company's policy of returning the car full. My final tip is as follows; Tenerife is such a beautiful place, but maybe choose a week when there are no school holidays as everywhere seems full or sold out. Compare all car hire companies prices in a peaceful environment ( at home before you go) and don't wait until you arrive and expect a car to be available.
  • Lottie
    almost 4 years ago
    Visited Tenerife in September and didn't see one timeshare salesperson. Lots of peeps trying to entice you in for drinks or meals with special offer tickets but that's about all. This is to be expected as there are so many eateries that they have to be competitive. I have to say none were offensive and when we said we were leaving in a few hours we were given very complimentary safe journey chats which is always a good way to finish a holiday.
  • pink
    almost 4 years ago
    i think "timeshare salespersons" are what headphones were invented for ~ place a set in/over your ears whenever you venture forth (you don't need to have any music or anything playing ~ you can just slip the "jackplug" into your pocket), and simply point to them if anyone approaches. works on coaches, too.

    meanwhile, i agree with you ~ just love tenerife all-year sunshine