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Flying over Montpellier!

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  • Oct 2009
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We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Montpellier and would recommend it to anyone wanting to visit France.

We took the aeroplane from Liverpool to Nîmes and then on to Montpellier by train which only about 40 minutes and very easy to do. We then set of for the Hotel Du Parc; just a few stops away on the excellent tramway system. The trams are clean, regular and very convenient and only cost a couple of euros for a return trip but don’t accept notes only coins which is a slight problem when first arriving.

The hotel staff were very friendly when we arrived and show us to our room straight away without any fuss. The room is away from the main part of the hotel like a separate apartment and was very clean and had all the amenities we needed for our stay. Outside on the wall is a beautiful trompe-l'oeil which Montpellier has many dotted around the city. After unpacking our bags we headed off into the city for the evening using the tramway once again in search of a place to eat. Montpellier has so many good and varied restaurants that it’s almost impossible to choose, so most of the time we referred to the booklet from the tourist office “Montpellier Où Manger”.

A few of our favourite restaurants were Les Jardins de Marrakech “great Moroccan food”, Bombay “the English love a curry and so do the French by the way the place was full” and Le Volodia. Le Volodia, the food was outstanding especially the “Filets de poulets poêlés au jus de foie gras, au romarin et à l'estragon” this dish was absolutely superb and the chef even comes around to make sure everything is fine.

The next day we familiarised ourselves with the city walking about, jumping on and off trams at various stops and getting used to the way of the city. After lunch we visited the craft fair in Antigone “l’Antigone de l’Artisanat” and worked our way through the beautiful things on offer that were all very tempting but not possible to purchase due to Ryanairs meagre baggage allowance. Following the craft fair we made our way down to the river to watch the Extreme Sports Festival which was very entertaining and quite amusing when the competitor’s enthusiasm got the best of them.

We decided to have a go at paralgliding while we were there! Once there we met the paragliding team and then we were off; in an old Land Rover up a very bumpy dirt track which seemed like an eternity till we reached the top of a very high mountain. The instructors showed us what to do then strapped us into our harnesses and basically ran us off the edge of the mountain. It was very exhilarating and scary at the same time but one of the best things we have every done in our lives and would recommend it to anyone. Once up in the air it is a total unique experience and very calming indeed, floating about without a care in the world just enjoying the magnificent views that surround you. Once we landed the adrenaline in our bodies was still pumping for a while after “Envol Nature Paragliding” dropped us off in town. The only disappointment was having to wait for the bus for 3 hours but this wasn’t to much off a hassle as the town of Saint Bauzille de Putois had a nice place to eat, Restaurant des Grottes. The manager was very nice and told us about the local area and the spectacular caves “Grotte des Demoiselles” it was a bit far for us as we didn’t have a car, but maybe next time.

The next few days we spent visiting various places using the city cards and travel passes. We visited the “Parc Zoologique” free entry with the city card and well worth a visit and easy to find using the tramway and bus. The “Serre Amazonienne” is particularly worth a visit as it has all types of animals, insects and species from the Amazon all under one roof, there is even a tropical rain downpour with thunder and lightning at various times. It also sends out a serious message about how the planet is being destroyed by man and how it needs to be stopped now. Outside the Amazonienne is a vast park full of a assortment of animals from all over the world hidden in between little trails that lead around the park. Just down the road from the park by bus is the “Agropolis Museum” which is also free with the city card and tells the story of how man and food has evolved and how the way we eat has changed from millions of years ago to present day.

The city cards are great if you like history and culture as you can get into all the museums and it can also be used for discounts against tickets for places like the Aquarium at Odysseum. It is also good to use for a walking guided tour of the city from the tourist office. The tour lasts 2 hours and if you can’t speak French you are supplied with a hand held device that tells you in your own language about the city. The tour is wonderful because you get to go to places that only the official guided tour is allowed to go like Arc de Triomphe which you can climb up to the top and see a magnificent 360 degree view of Montpellier.

The next day we jumped on the bus and went to Perols to have a walk along the beach as it is only about 30 minutes away. We spent the afternoon reflecting on how Montpellier is such a friendly city that you feel safe at all times from early morning to late at night.

Montpellier has so much to see and do that our time there did not do it justice; we wished that we could have stayed longer and seen a lot more. This has made us determined to try and find jobs in France as we would both love to return there very soon and live the good life.

36 people found this review helpful

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