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Review: Sorrento


Sorrento , Italy

Italy is not just for spaghetti!

  • By SilverTraveller littlemo1

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  • Sep 2011
  • Husband

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It was our 30th anniversary – so it had to be special. We got off the plane and our Armani suited driver was in the airport with our name on his board. What a welcome, everyone watched as we crossed the airport and the driver opened the door of his Mercedes Benz for us. Everyone else was running around hot dragging cases looking for their coaches. We stayed at the Atlantic Palace Hotel Sorrento which was trying to be the first Italian all inclusive. Hotel was better than the 3 star it had been awarded but obviously some of the staff (head barman in particular) did not like giving away, "free drinks." He thought water counted as one drink. I ordered, water, lemonade and a beer for my husband – to go with our lunch. In the end I had to ask hotel manager why I couldn't have water. Theory was only 2 drinks until you bring your glass back. Food was very good though and plentiful. Mainly Italian, thank goodness – we like to try local food. Unlike some English who take tins of beans and corned beef with them and complain if they can't get a full English breakfast or never leave an all inclusive until they eat and drink themselves into a stupor. If they are then ill – obviously the hotel is to blame with the foreign food. We had the best room, balcony and view in the hotel – Vesuvius in the distance, large room and bathroom and a balcony which overlooked the road. There was no pavement to walk into Sorrento but the walk was fun and only took about 15 minutes. We did have a welcome party which was a tour of Sorrento with our guide, free drinks at various bars and free ice cream. Alexandro our guide had a fabulous personality. When he told us where the hotel coach pick up was. He said for those of you Geordie's,"This is the bus stop."In an imitation Geordie accent. We don't like welcome parties-but wow did we enjoy this one. Alexandro was such a comedian and smart looking too. He kept up a running commentary for his tour party and "chatted up" young Italian ladies on the way too. After ice-cream we went into a lovely restaurant. We had drinks (yes again limoncello or local wine) and garlic bread and some canapés.The surroundings were fabulous and we booked our anniversary dinner there and then. The tables were set around about in a lemon grove, lots of statues graced the gardens and the menu was huge. I can't remember the name- we called it the "priest's place".

Story is: a priest fell in love with a young lady, married her, left the priesthood, opened the restaurant and his signature dish was Cannelloni (he is supposed to have invented it). His descendants still run it. His great grandson showed us the family photo's and all the family, cook, serve, take bookings including his two grandmothers.

Our anniversary: we were given a special table had a delicious meal drank Lacrima Christi (very tasty but doesn't travel well) and the waiter gave me flowers as we left the restaurant. How romantic being with your love in a garden under the stars and with twinkling lights and lovely food and drink. Ah memories.

Whilst in Sorrento, we visited all the churches lighting candles and admiring how each of them was so different. So awe inspiring and the statues and windows so special. We'd always wanted to go to Capri and visit Gracie Fields grave. The trip to Capri was an experience in itself, we walked all around admiring houses churches, views, but the cemetery when we got there was closed for lunch. Lunch I ask you what do skeletons eat??? Amalfi too with the sheer drop from the winding road over the cliff is well worth a visit. Two small coffee's and two tiny cakes £27! There was a big fountain here with nuns and priest fighting each other to fill up bottles. The water is supposed to have healing qualities. We had a lovely holiday not much rest though too much to see. Vesuvius is much higher than it looked from the hotel. Then again we had to visit museums and oh and ah at the fantastic paintings and sculptures. Herculaneum is much bigger and awesome. I hope all those poor people did not know what hit them when the volcano erupted. Still lots of wall paintings and tiles still exist there. We could have spent days wondering around. Thinking who were the people who had walked these streets over the years. Then of course we had to come back home and to reality. But we still have our photo' s video's and super memories.

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  • Su
    over 7 years ago
    Herculaneum is an amazing place to visit because it's preserved so well, and being smaller than Pompeii is easier to explore.