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streets underwater, please explain...

  • By SilverTraveller dara

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  • Sep 2010
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It is difficult to convey how 'other' Venice is, to one who has not experienced it for themselves. A city with no cars, lorries, buses is a weird and wonderful experience and you can spend your whole time watching garbage boats, hearse boats, any boat you like doing the job that a wheeled vehicle would do elsewhere. The best way to arrive centrally is by rail, the main station devolving straight onto the Grand Canal. All vehicles are parked on the Tronchetto, a truly vast car park which has a life and culture all of its own, so huge is it. The water buses, called vaporetti, devolve from here and you must have a ticket before boarding. It is possible to buy from the tobacco shops, tickets of 24, 48 and 72 hours, which save a great deal and enable you to travel from one end of the great lagoon right down to the industrial city of Mestre. The views from the canals as you slowly move around are unbeatable and you can travel to the island of Murano, famous for its amazing glass and out in the lagoon so the city would be safe in case of fire, and Burano, where lace makers sit in the street and the fishermens' cottages are painted bright colours. Forget gondolas unless you are out to impress – they cost a small fortune. Accommodation and food are not cheap in the city, but this is a world beating destination and a worthwhile investment. To walk to St Marks Square at night and hear the rival orchestras of Cafe Florian and the one opposite, compete, costs nothing and will never be forgotten. If you're really on a budget, the lido island is significantly cheaper and a reasonable commute across the lagoon. it also has a great beach and cheap cycle hire from the vaporetto stop, so keeps children happy. Museums abound, churches are splendid and open, music is everywhere. It is sad to go for the day as part of a larger trip or from a cruise stop – this place deserves several days at least, though avoid winter – freezing and frequent flooding, and high summer – stinky canals and full to bursting.

15 people found this review helpful

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