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Review: Las Vegas


Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas - Disney World for Grown Ups!

  • By SilverTraveller Rowsie

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  • Dec 2011
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When my nephew decided to get married in Las Vegas it seemed a great opportunity for me, my sister and her ex husband to travel there for a weeks holiday. We flew with Virgin on a flight that was actually full to the brim and after an exhausting 10 hours we arrived and easily got a cab to our hotel. We were staying at The Bellagio hotel which was the setting for the film Oceans 11 and probably the only disappointment of the whole week was that there was not a glimpse of George Clooney anywhere!

My ex-brother in law (still a family friend despite being divorced from my sister) stated after our first two days there that he didn't like Las Vegas "because it had "no history and no culture". I am not sure what he had expected. It may not have any culture of its own but every hotel on the strip does a very lavish impersonation of a european cultural theme. From the gondolas you can ride in the Venetian hotel to the Pyramid outside the Luxor Hotel this place is like a Disney World for grown ups. It is big, brash and totally over the top but it is a wonderfully exciting place to spend a few days. It does have some history, we took an open top bus ride and heard how it was first created as a town for railway workers. We also heard about the atomic bomb testing that used to take place in the dessert. (In those days people were unaware of the dangers and used to clamber onto the roofs of the hotels to watch the mushroom clouds!)

Our hotel had musical fountains that played to a classical theme every 15 mins or so. The Mirage hotel has a volcano that erupts every evening. The MGM hotel has lions inside and at Circus Circus you can, if adventurous learn some circus skills!

The bride and groom married at The Chapel of Flowers and even had an Elvis impersonator singing as she walked down the aisle. Drinks afterwards were in the Top of the World Bar at the top of the Stratosphere hotel and dinner later was in Caesars Palace. The whole thing was fun and carefree..exactly suited to the young couple.

We sent the ex husband off for a day trip to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon and he came back with a slightly better opionion of the area. An evening at the BB King bar in the Mirage Hotel and a spectacular show featuring the Platters, The Coasters and The Marvellettes made him even more agreeable to the place.

None of us are gamblers but the casinos are fascinating to walk around and we did try our hand (unsuccessfully) at the slot machines. It seems there are no exit signs, no clocks and the lighting is adapted so that once in the casinos you have no idea whether it is night or day. We found it fascinating that, as we were coming down for breakfast, there were people who had been at the tables all night!

So if you want to look around old ruins and discover the old quarter of a city Las Vegas would not be for you but for real fun, incredible hotels, huge portions of food and a once in a lifetime trip to a total fantasy land I would highly recommend it!

24 people found this review helpful

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  • DavidT
    over 3 years ago
    Sadly there are no longer lions at the MGM, as they were removed in 2012. A pity, but when we first saw them they didn't look happy cooped up in a glass cage to be gawped at by tourists. Not surprising really, but the other free attractions are still there and running both day and night. It often seems the Strip is busier at night than during the day!