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Review: Sousse


Sousse, Tunisia

A North African Let Down

  • By SilverTraveller Ruud-VanmDrijver

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  • May 2010
  • Wife

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We were very excited about going to Sousse in Tunisia. We had booked a 7 night all inclusive package at the Hotel Maharba and the brochure pictures looked fantastic. We were however let down by the experience and would not consider a holiday in North Africa again. The first problem we encountered was the continual pestering by hawkers and traders as soon as you set foot outside of the hotel. I know that they are trying to make a living in a much poorer country than ours, but it was really annoying and ruined a great part of our holiday. Even on the hotel's private beach we were hounded by sellers of sweets, cigarettes or jewellery. A note of caution, always hide your inclusive armband when outside as the hawkers know where you're staying by eyeballing it and pretend to work in your hotel. They then get you to visit a good shop for souvineers and bargains!

The pool was very nice to look at but was definitely not heated as advertised. There were two bars, one at the poolside and one in the hotel. The inclusive drinks were almost certainly watered down. We are not exactly heavy drinkers but, we were able to drink copious amounts of 'alcoholic' beverages with no ill effects. One evening I drank 14 'vodka' and cokes and was still as sober as a judge! Being a Muslim country you can't even buy a bottle of wine, as shops are unable to sell it. The restaurant food was good, but there wasn't a lot of choice. The staff were friendly, especially when they knew you were leaving soon as they were obviously angling for a tip. We couldn't understand why there were a dozen or so waiters in the dining area, when the food and bar were self service. They just seemed to be wandering up and down doing not a lot!

The weather was very good and ranged between 70 and 85 f. for the week we were there, but apart from that there's not a lot going for Sousse and I guess the rest of Tunisia in my opinion. Go for Spain instead.

112 people found this review helpful

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  • ESW
    about 9 years ago
    What a shame you didn't enjoy your holiday. I agree the pestering by by hawkers and traders can be wearing. We got round this by making a joke and saying no.

    We spent a month in Tunisia starting in Tunis and doing a look to the west and down into the desert and then back up the east to Tunis and found it a marvellous place - there was so much to see and do if you are prepared to escape from the tourist resorts. The Roman remains are outstanding and there are so many of them. We enjoyed places like Mahdia and Sfax , both off the tourist trail. The desert is awesome and the Berber villages and Ksours amazing as long as you avoid the tackier Star Wars sites.

    I was saddened by your comment "there's not a lot going for Sousse and I guess the rest of Tunisia in my opinion." I don't know about Sousse as we didn't go there, but it certainly isn't true for the rest of Tunisia.