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Review: Gibraltar


Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Finally made it to the Rock

  • By SilverTraveller SilverTravelUser_3690

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  • Oct 2011
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We've been to the Costa Del Sol many times but had never made it down the coast to Gibraltar. Of course before 1982 it was impossible as the border between Spain and Gibraltar was closed.

This time I was determined we were going to get there. We looked at the bus timetable but they only departed very early in the morning and we'd have to have got to Fuengirola from our apartment in Carvajal. Fortunately we found a private company run by a British couple who did coach trips to Gibraltar and were able to pick us up in Carvajal at a reasonable time.

We enjoyed the drive along the coast through Marbella and other resorts and arrived in Gibraltar at about 11am. The weather – of course – was hot and sunny. We'd been told by our tour guide that there were several cruise ships in port so there would be long queues for the cable car up the Rock. We headed that way anyway and were accosted several times along the way by taxi drivers who wanted about £24 each to take on a tour of the Rock. We carried on to the cable car (just stopping to look in a few of the duty free shops along the way!) and when we got there found that we had to queue for all of two minutes. The ride to the top cost £9 each and took just a few minutes.

It was worth every penny! The views from the top were sensational – we were actually looking down on little fluffy clouds. We could see across to North Africa and the whole harbour and large parts of the Costa Del Sol were laid out in front of us. The other big attraction of course is the Barbary apes – they're actually macaque monkeys. They were everywhere, sitting posing for photos and of course hoping for some food handouts, though it's now illegal to feed them and subject to a fine of up to £500. Despite that, we did see people slipping them a croissant or two and also stroking them which is very much discouraged as they have a vicious bite. We were happy just to watch their antics – swinging in the trees, grooming each other and of course squabbling among themselves. It had always been one of my ambitions to see them and I was thrilled to finally achieve it. We had lunch in the cafe on the Rock but I'd advise against it. There was a very limited choice of food – just a few sandwiches and hot pies -and it was outrageously expensive (£1.70 for a can of Pepsi).

All in all I loved Gibraltar. It's well worth a day trip if you're holidaying on the Costa Del Sol but if you go, don't just go round the shops, make sure you get up on the Rock.

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123 people found this review helpful

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