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Review: Brighton


Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton revisited

  • By SilverTraveller soopernan

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  • Sep 2011
  • Wife

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‘Do you remember where we spent our wedding night?’ A loaded question if ever I heard one, but I was equal to the task. ‘Of course I do. The Metropole, Brighton, can’t remember the room number, but of course the rest of the stay is as vivid now as it was over 38 years ago’. I think you will agree that was a more than adequate response. ‘How about if we have another night there. Just to see if it’s changed’. I am all for walking down memory lane, especially when a night away is involved, so I left it to Pam to book. The Metropole is now part of the Hilton Hotel group, and we used our bus passes to travel along the coast. Friends had recommended the fish and chip restaurant on Brighton’s only remaining pier, and what a good idea that was, with an excellent choice of well cooked fish at reasonable prices. The 12oz cod with a glass of Champagne was too much at lunch time, but only because we wanted to save ourselves for later. Pam had worked her charm well, because we were upgraded to a sea view room on the first floor, huge bed, and a bottle of quality Champagne in an ice bucket waiting for us, complimentary of Guy Hilton, the general manager. What more can a man want, sitting overlooking the sea in warm sunshine, glass of chilled bubbles in hand, and a lovely (young) bride by his side. Idyllic. As well as familiarising ourselves with the surrounding area, we like to have a look at our hotel, so the duty manager was kind enough to take us around some of the facilities, showing off the gym and health spa, some conference and wedding areas, but unfortunately the rooftop starlight room where we danced away our wedding night is now a conference venue and we could not see. Apparently there are plans to revert to its former use, and we will book in if they do. I tried to work the t.v., but failed. No, I don’t like to appear an idiot in front of patient hotel staff, so as an ex-hotelier decided on some logic. Stand-by light on t.v.? Check. Buttons on side of t.v. work? Check. Buttons on remote working? No. Yes, so far so good, it must be the remote. Is the battery loose? Check, nice and tight. So, logically, what’s wrong? Try removing battery, and turning it round. Ah, problem solved. Do housekeeping have to remove or replace batteries on a daily basis? Strange thought. Perhaps people pinch them. Even stranger.

We like Brighton, know it well, so on this occasion did not need to visit its attractions, such as the Royal Pavilion, and Lanes, with myriad variety of shops. We have been to the Pavilion many times over the years, marvelling at its antiquities, love just walking round, assimilating the atmosphere. We think that pedestrian alleys that comprise The Lanes are somewhat expensive, especially compared with how they used to be, but are still worth a walk around for the new visitor. Before dinner in the hotel restaurant, we wandered round the back streets, speculating as to the expense of property values, looking at the few boarded properties just waiting for the builders to move in, discussing how we would approach a renovation project. The end result? No way, not at our time of life, only if we just supervised. We had dinner in the restaurant from the table d’hôte menu, both main courses being the lamb with a £3 supplement. With wine and gratuity we waved goodbye to close on £120, but, hey, it was a sentimental journey. I had a strange dream, where Pam was in the bathroom at 9.41am, breakfast was almost over, and we were rushing round trying to get dressed so we didn’t miss out. It ended when I turned on the bedside light and Madam asked dreamily and frostily what I was doing at that dark time of the morning. My explanation accepted, we returned to slumbers, and the reality of a leisurely wake up and a proper breakfast. This proved to be the inevitable buffet, with juice and coffee served. The bread was toasted in one of these machines that swallows the slice, and churns it out looking burnt on one side and anaemic the other. If it comes out at all, as sometimes the tray under requires sliding out to discover its whereabouts. Yes, I know that it appears as if it’s a pet moan, but if that’s all that a hotel gets wrong, then it’s a pretty good stay. We loved the Hilton Metropole, the staff were great, the stay was enjoyable, and have already placed a positive review on trip advisor.

87 people found this review helpful

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  • Adventurer
    over 6 years ago
    Nice hotel. Lovely photos.