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Review: Gibraltar


Gibraltar, United Kingdom


  • By SilverTraveller Andaluza

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  • Jul 2011
  • Family including children under 16

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Having lived in Spain for fifteen years, I´d waited a long time to visit Gibraltar, it being far too far for a day trip, so with a holiday planned with my mum and stepdad on the Costa del Sol I decided the time had come to see the rock.

What a huge disappointment it was. My three sons, 20, 18 and 12, my 80 year old mother and 70-odd year old stepdad and husband drove there in two cars.

The customs wait was tedious and they barely glanced at our passports once we got to the gate. Gibraltar is so small that the runway goes across the entrance/exit road and it was our unlucky day as a plane was due in so queues were stationery.

Once on Gibraltar it had the feel of an outer city run-down area of the UK complete with pot-holes in the road. There was nothing charming about the place.

The town centre itself we didn´t get to see as it involved too much walking for my mum and the boys were eager to go up to the top and see the apes.

We found the car park which amazingly was free and discovered it would cost 19 Euros return for us to go up to the top, that´s 133 Euros for seven. Then there´s an entrance fee to the natural park on top.

The other option offered was an air-conditioned mini-bus for 25 Euros each, just 175 Euros for a taxi ride of 75 minutes or so! Not including the natural park fee.

We decided to drive up ourselves, the fee to enter the park for seven of us and two cars would have been 69 Euros, we thought that was too much and sent the boys in for 27 Euros, again a bit steep I thought.

We went off exploring and tried unsuccessfully to find a bar out of toen in which to have lunch. Eventually we had a walk, which was a struggle for mum, from a car park by a small beach.

The buildings around and bars were very run-down and depressing but there seemed to be no other choice, it was now 3,30pm and we were very fed-up and hungry.

The Village, the bar we decided on again was old-fashioned and tacky but the food was excellent. A wide choice of fish dishes were available and we tried many, all were very good.

The whole trip to Gibraltar, even though several people had said don´t bother going, was very disappointing. But I had to do it and I´m glad I did.

Would I return? Possible one day with just my husband so we can do all the sights without a loan!

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128 people found this review helpful

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