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Review: Blow me Down and Bottle Cove



Superb scenery off the usual tourist trail

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These are on the coast west of Corner Brook. This is an area missed by the tourists as they rush to Gros Morne and further north. It is a shame as scenically it is on a par with Gros Morne.

It is a nice drive along the south side of the Humber Arm through string of small settlements which all ran into each other and are commuter land for Corner Brook. There were well cared for houses with plenty of ground round them. The road ran through mixed forest with birch, alder, rowan, conifers. Golden Rod, Michaelmas Daisies (mauve and white) and rosebay willow herb were in flower along the verges, adding a welcome splash of colour in the sunshine.

Frenchman's Cove is a small fishing settlement with old slipways made from cut trunks lashed together with small wooden sheds beside them and modern fishing boats in the small harbour.

As there are camping facilities at Blow me Down Provincial Park, there is a $5 per day car entry fee. Ask for a map at the pay desk which marks the walking trail. We were advised to take the boardwalk to the observation tower and return via the Governor's staircase.

It was a steady pull up through low coniferous forest along a well maintained boardwalk with steps to the observation tower and view point on top of the ridge. There were 360 degree views of the Humber Arm and all the islands. The path continues along the ridge but is not as well maintained and less easy to walk as it scrambles over the rocks.

Coming down we took the Governor's Staircase which is a shorter route with a series of steps running below the undercut cliff face to the gravel beach. It was a bit low in places and you had to watch your head. The tide was well up and lapping round the base of the steps so we had to be nimble to avoid getting feet wet.

It is a short drive to Bottle Cove at the end of the road. This is a is a lovely setting in a large, round sandy bay with substantial cliffs on either side. There were a few scattered houses on one side of the bay with slipways. We drove along the unmade road past the beach to a large car park which had a map showing the 'Bottle Cove Trails' There is a network of trails through coniferous forest and onto the headland for some marvellous views. We followed the branch to Island Cove which ran out of the forest and across a large flat area above the cove with very lush vegetation – dwarf juniper, small pines, shrubby cinquefoil, Canadian Burnett…. This was a lovely place to drop out and admire the views – there was even a seat provided. The trail continued up the side of the cliff but was steep with loose gravel. we retraced our steps and climbed up to Sunshine Rock, a large lump of rock between the two bays, and then onto Captain Cook's Monument. This is a lovely area to explore.

Have a stop in Lark Harbour, a pretty settlement with Marlaine's Tidewater Cafe for cakes and tea. This was the best range of cakes we found anywhere in Newfoundland. We had seen several advertising boards for it along the road that morning. It is on the edge of the beach and has a small craft shop.

Website for Blow me Down Provincial Park:

Some information on Bottle Cove:

View our pictures of the area make up part of this gallery.

43 people found this review helpful

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