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Review: Iseo Town


Lake Iseo, Italy

italian magic

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"buon giorno,two return tickets for Iseo town per favore" The chic attractive Italian girl behind the counter smiled.Sporting a hairstyle as worn by one of the Nolan sisters she nodded and handed over the tickets "Ciao" We were in the mood for dancing as we disembarked from the ruthlessly efficient ferries that criss cross Lake Iseo in Northern Italy-ee sayo which rhymes with mayo.The journey from Sulzano down the lake had been quick, the lake calm and the views stunning.Dotted around the lake, the towns and villages beckon to be explored.And the boats provide the vital link.Seeing the lake from water level added a new perspective. Everyone here is so friendly.Smiling and greeting us (Salve) whenever we made eye contact. The Italian people do seem to smile alot especially after my attempts at speaking the language.I do have a go,but it became clear during our holiday that an evening class of Italian for beginners would be a priority on my return.

We communicated through the universal language of mime and my heavily thumbed phrase book.My most common phrase being "non capisco"-i don't understand. Easy on the eye and easy on the feet Iseo town is lovely.The promenade has many bars,ice cream parlours,shops and fine views of the lake.You can easily spend all day exploring the narrow alleyways adorned with flowers and Italian life. In the historic centre the main square Piazza Garibaldi has a charm and purposeful intent. We sat at the base of Garibaldi's statue eating a biscuit.Not one of his own but one from the local panettteria (bakery) round the corner.Guerilla fighter Guiseppe Garibaldi instigated the Italian unification process. Able to motivate the masses he sits astride his mossy plinth overseeing the twice weekly markets that are held in the town.The market is lively and and entertaining place to shop.

As we waited for the return ferry I approached the ticket office with a carefully rehearsed phrase."Is the next boat due at 16.00 hours?" As a testament to how well the soaps travel abroad she replied quickly in a broad northern England,Coronation Street accent "Yes four o'clock love" And she too smiled. A lovely friendly smile.


12 people found this review helpful

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