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Review: Manteo


Manteo, United States

The Lost Colony

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  • Apr 2011
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This is an intriguing visit for anyone who believes that the first English settlement in the Americas was at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 or by the Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. At the small port of Manteo on Roanoke Island in North Carolina, we discovered the story of the colonists who arrived there in 1584 at the bidding of Sir Walter Raleigh. Over 100 English settlers were landed by three ships and one of the ships then returned to England with two Indians to verify the discovery.
The tragic part of the story is that because Queen Elizabeth and Raleigh then became preoccupied with the Spanish threat, future planned voyages to America (which took 3 months each way) were postponed and by the time another visit was made in 1587, those first settlers had disappeared. Other settlers followed later and there is the story of Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in America – her statue is found in the Elizabeth Gardens of Manteo and the county which includes Roanoke Island is known as Dare County. There is much more fascinating history to be found in this part of the States, and various versions of the story of the Lost Colony – parts of which are told by the ‘crew’ on board a replica of The Elizabeth, one of the first ships to land settlers there in the 16th century.

41 people found this review helpful

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