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Review: Jet2 Holidays

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Leeds, United Kingdom

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  • By SilverTraveller Martin_Day

    1 review

  • July 2021

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We stayed at the Qawra Palace hotel near Bugiba in Malta. We arrived and were checked into room 406 at teatime on 14th July for a seven night stay. We noted a number of stools/balcony tables outside rooms. There were some odd goings on with people knocking on doors at strange times and cleaners wearing protective clothing.
I had asked questions to various members of staff without getting much sense. On Sunday I spoke to reception and the duty manager came out to explain. The rooms were for English Language students who were isolating. None of them had covid symptoms. They were to be flown home this week. He offered to move our room. Given that this was Sunday and we had three nights left we couldn’t see the benefit. I asked, as the students would all have been there when we arrived, why we were allocated a room on the same floor, especially given it was deemed unsafe by the government for their staff to come into contact with the students. He has no explanation but could speak to the manager who organised the bookings to explain. At this point I contacted jet2. Given that there was potentially a biohazard, our stay was completely mismanaged by the hotel. Waste from the rooms was left outside in the corridor for example.

On Sunday night and Monday night we were woken at 4am in the morning with staff knocking on doors and talking loudly. On both occasions we asked for quiet to sleep. This matter was reported to the hotel reception on Tuesday morning and there was no noise Tuesday night/wednesday morning.

This hotel is listed as 4 stars. In my opinion the total disregard for our safety, our welfare, our sleep and the quality of the food we received were two stars. Not a 2 star price though? Certainly not what we expected from Jet2.

The local wine served free was disgusting. You could buy local wine in the hotel with prices ranging from 8 euro to 14 euro. The Syrah (which said shiraz on the label?) and Cabernet Franc were passable as table wine, the others definitely weren’t. If you asked for water you got a carafe of tap water which tasted weird. Bottle water was charged 1.70 euro (but free to staff and students). The fresh orange juice tasted like cordial and was insipid.

The local lager tasted very different served in bars adjacent to the hotel, though again you had to pay. We settled for drinking gin and tonic or lager shandy which was passable, everything else you paid for and generally was not 4 star other than the label on the bottle!

The fresh fruit was either watermelon, gala melon or an apple. There was also a tinned fruit cocktail.

The food served was generally cold which is obviously fine for the buffet!
The Salad was lettuce, tomato or onion, with coleslaw, olives, and bean salad.
The quality in the restaurant was generally limited and/or poor.
The pool bar food was better quality but to be honest I only ate ham salad or tuna salad and chips. The only snacks were crisps or ice cream.
The coffee bar was not included. The spa was closed.
The staff were generally helpful though the rules for where you could sit to eat, how your food was served, even the tea machine (the coffee served in the restaurant definitely wasn’t coffee) seemed to change daily.

After 5 weeks jet2 still havent responded.

62 people found this review helpful

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  • ESW
    4 months ago
    If it's any consolation, Syrah and Shiraz are different names for the same red wine grape (and wines made from that grape). “Syrah” comes from the Rhône Valley. “Shiraz” is Australian.