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Review: India Visa Online

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Indian e-tourist visa

  • By SilverTraveller Jani

    2 reviews

  • January 2018

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For my travel to India on 24th January, I need an Indian e tourist visa. It was recommended by the travel company to go through their preferred specialist costing over £300 and a trip to London. Someone told me about e tourist visa. I had read about scams, so was very wary that I clicked the correct link.

The site was simple to read with full instructions. I was stuck at payment having to pay with a debit or credit card which has 3D security. Photos were taken at Max Spielmann within Tesco. For India, photos have to be 5cm x 5cm square. £14.99 for 2 photos and an email for a digital copy which was soon downloaded with the correct photo page of my passport.

Biggest problem, where was Dad born. He said one place, his passport said another!
Got to the payment, paid with credit card US $100 plus tax. No need for security checks and soon paid. I was told that I would get confirmation of status granted within 72 hours. The very next day and I had an email saying that it had been granted. All that worry for nothing. I have printed the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to take with me along with my passport on my arrival into Delhi.

Travel date is 2019, unable to change year.

3 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • JennieSilver
    5 months ago
    You might try asking on our Forum too, click on the tab at the top of the website. There are many well travelled silvers who have great experiences to share.
  • Jani
    5 months ago
    Hello SilverMarie, I have not been informed of any vaccinations, only Yellow Fever if you come from a Country where it is in evidence. Money is a closed Market. Take cash or debit card for ATMs. Cash must be new as they will not take crumpled notes. As I said, Max Spielmann for photos. They say that it can take 4 days for an online e visa, I would take longer as anything can happen. I am going through Delhi, one of 27 airports that will take the e visa.
  • SilverMarie
    5 months ago
    Very interested in people's advice and opinions on getting online tourist visa as I will be visiting family in India in Feb and am about to start applying for visa! Also any tips for tours/packages/flights/places to visit and stay around Bangalore/Bengaluru! And tips re: immunisations and currency. Thank you!