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Review: SBB Railways Switzerland

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National Rail please take note!

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  • February 2016

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Imagine the scenario, if you will. Two parents, two small children, one Granny, three large suitcases, two small suitcases and two trunkies (sit and ride animal cases for the unitiated!) waiting at Geneva railway station strategically planning our alighting the train for a two hour journey.

Four minutes to board. Not a guard in sight. Granny jumped on firmly gripping two children followed by Mum leaping on with two small bags and Dad throwing on the cases and trunkies for us to catch. Dad hopped on without a minute to spare as the doors started to close.

The train was four minutes late which is virtually a crime in Switzerland . Profuse apologies were given as we sat down, promising to make up the time and it did!

Squeaky clean trains, smooth ride and very quiet. Fabulous views along Lake Geneva.

Also unheard of where I live is that the buses were waiting for the trains to arrive to take us to our final destinations. Joined up thinking!

Tickets for combined train and bus can be bought at the airport.

One tip – if the four minutes to board worries you – you can ask for assistance.

53 people found this review helpful

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  • chrismse
    over 1 year ago
    Just returned from our first visit to Switzerland, myself and my sister so much easier to deal with the short stop times. So impressed with the train system it really puts ours to shame. So clean and as you say the buses waiting for the trains. Hope you had a great trip.