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Review: Olympic Holidays

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Are they going bust too as well as the greek economy?

  • By SilverTraveller langelei

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  • Jan 2013

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If you are thinking of booking a flight or holiday with Olympic Holidays you would be well advised to think and research your trip very carefully. Five months earlier we arranged and paid for in full our hotel and flight trip to Zante considering them to be fully trustworthy. Two weeks before our scheduled departure we were bombarded with flight changes resulting eventually in us losing a day of our long-awaited, much longed-for, hard saved for, seven day trip. We had also, in anticipation of an early morning check-in time, arranged for a pre-flight overnight hotel reservation which was non-refundable – so that was an unnecessary expense wasted.

On arriving at Gatwick (an airport which we shall avoid like the plague in future) we found it totally disorganised and information ambiguously displayed. No longer were we flying with Olympic but with an airline neither of us had heard of previously, Small Planet, a Lithuanian airline chartered out, we discovered later, to Olympic. No information had been supplied on this airline and we had no idea what to expect prior to this. The plane was cramped and scruffy, the crew unhelpful and a very limited inflight service. Their promo states "We make sure your holiday starts on board". We would seriously dispute this! We even doubted if it would lift off the ground it seemed so small for the number of passengers and the baggage contained.

Having had a wonderful holiday in Zante (which we would independently arrange ourselves in future) the return trip was more or less a mirror image of the problems experienced outgoing only the change of airline was Enter Air, introduced apparently in 2010, another obscure airline we had not heard of. This Polish, distinctly ageing aircraft was again obviously sub-chartered and the crew even more arrogant and rude. Disabled passengers were not assisted, this was left to other passengers to give aid and their attitude was infuriating to everyone it seemed. Again we were in fear of not taking off; a sling-shot would be needed!

The only good thing in its favour at the time was the pilot took an alternative route home and not only made up the lost time after scheduled take-off but landed half-an hour early. Overall our worst flights ever. Easyjet (and we have had some run-ins with them in the past and no doubt will again) beats them.

One word of warning if flying into Zante – and the Greeks are desperate for tourism – the airport is incredibly chaotic and ill-equipped for the summer tourist with constant long queues for ALL of the separate check-ins, boarding passes, baggage security checks and personal security checks. Make sure you have plenty of time to go through all of these. And hold on to your hats for landing and take-off; it's a very short runway!

111 people found this review helpful

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