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Review: Stansted Airport Rail Station

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United Kingdom

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  • By SilverTraveller Seakay

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  • Jul 2013

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Although the railway station at Stansted Airport is NOT privately owned and is for the use of the local community and any other travellers, it is now impossible to arrive or depart from that station without travelling via one of the Airport carparks. There is NO area to pick up or drop off, and although there are buses from the station to the airport carparks the whole palaver adds 20 mins to half an hour onto any journey, and that's without the issues which regularly occur as few if any car park attendants seem to be aware that cars are supposed to be allowed in to pick up rail passengers being delivered to the carparks by bus. Of course, even if the attendants are aware you are only allowed to be in there for 15 minutes, so it's a difficult calculation to work out concerning train arrival, disembarkation of passengers, passengers finding the correct bus queue, the bus taking the advertised time etc. Catching a train is even worse. I use the train to visit my sister who lives in the area, but for commuters the situation must be even worse. I don't understand how a private company has been allowed to restrict access to a public transport facility I now go to Elsenham station to be collected, but it's not set up for large numbers of people to do this as there's no car park and no room to create one. Anyway, why should the small surrounding stations be forced to accommodate the selfish and self serving actions of a private company which has nothing to do with the rail network?

100 people found this review helpful

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