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Review: Cycling holiday

Specialist Holiday - Cycling

United Kingdom

Poor customer service

  • By SilverTraveller Jeremy2020

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  • August 2020
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Our cycling trip to France was sadly ruined by terrible customer service from this company. After dozens of phone calls to them and Faulty Towers-style customer service we had to book our own accommodation at 1am for the last night of the trip as they failed to find anywhere vaguely resembling even a 3 star hotel. No genuine apology or compensation was offered and our complaints fell on deaf ears. The true test of a company is how they react when something goes wrong and sadly Cycling For Softies failed dismally, such a shame. Best avoided.

71 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • Jeremy2020
    5 months ago
    The reply from Cycling for Softies is sadly completely false. They literally left us without any accommodation on the last night - their comment that they received an email from us on the penultimate night is misleading - the email we sent was at 1am, after they had failed to find anything for us and we were desperately worried we would be homeless. Fortunately we found a hotel quite easily - the claims that they couldn’t find a hotel because it was peak season are ludicrous and sadly indicative of their own incompetence. We are not seeking compensation, we only want to let others know about our own horrendous experience with this chaotic company and let them make their own minds up.
  • GeminiJen
    5 months ago
    I'd just like to say that I've holidayed with Cycling for Softies and would rate the experience very highly.
    From their response to your Reviewer, it does appear that their service was not quite as described by Jeremy2020.
    If this is a case of a Reviewer writing a poor review in order to claim compensation, then sadly this is all too common.
    NB My comments are unsolicited, and I've nothing to gain from expressing them here.
  • SilverAdmin
    5 months ago
    Response from Cycling for Softies

    Details of each hotel were sent to the client on the detailed quotation before the booking was confirmed.

    Whilst on holiday the clients advised that they didn’t like the hotel booked for the first and last night of their trip because it didn’t have air-conditioning and it didn’t cater to vegans (the former point was correct and the latter point was not correct). The hotelier decided the best option was to book the clients into another nearby hotel free of charge for the first night. This was also deemed unacceptable. Cycling for Softies tried to make alternative arrangements for the final night of their stay, but were unable to find another hotel given this was peak season in France, during a heatwave and during Covid, along with the clients’ stipulation that air-conditioning was essential. Furthermore, an email was sent by the client on the penultimate evening advising that he had already made an alternative arrangement for the final night.

    After the trip, a complaint was submitted which was responded to on 8th September 2020, within 28 days as required by ABTA. Compensation was not offered as the holiday had been delivered as per the quote, and Cycling for Softies did their best to accommodate a request which were unfortunately not possible.

    No further correspondence was received until this review was posted on Silver Travel Advisor and on the Cycling for Softies social media page. Cycling for Softies maintain that they have handled the complaint with due consideration and have responded reasonably. They regret that the client did not enjoy all elements of his holiday and that he has had cause for complaint, and strongly refute the allegation of poor customer service.