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Review: Butlin's Music Weekend

Specialist Holiday - Art & Music

Warren Road, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5SH, United Kingdom

Great British Alternative Music Festival in Minehead

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  • February 2020
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The lead singer burst onto the stage like a demented cockatoo screaming about the anti-Christ and I have to say it was a sight to behold. A man well into his fifties sporting a green Mohican and wearing the obligatory leather waistcoat, no shirt, and a pair of tight black jeans and biker boots to complete the New Age/Punk Rock look of the late 70’s early 80’s. The rest of the band were in similar attire and thrilled the crowd with a crazy rendition of that punk rock anthem. The music was fast and furious and I couldn’t take my eyes of the lead singer, mostly because I was willing him to sustain that angry persona and the jumping up and down until the last note.

We had booked ourselves into a music week-end at Butlins, Minehead in February and it was a few weeks before the Corona virus lockdown. I wanted to test the lay of the land to see what Butlins had to offer so that I could book a few days for a family get together when our daughter came home from Australia for a month in April. Sadly, that’s no longer happening. Butlins have several resorts, Minehead, Bognor and Skegness. Minehead is the closest to us and we thought it would be fun. Our musical choice is definitely 60’s but we would have had to travel to Skegness for that; from Penzance that was not an option.

We had a Butlins holiday with the children when they were small back in the 80’s and if my memory serves me correctly although enjoyable it was quite expensive. Our early holidays were usually caravan and self-catering.

The weekend was billed as The Great British Alternative Music Festival and considering we were in a seaside town in the middle of February the site was packed with adults ranging from 50 – 75 years old. There must have been at least 20 groups playing in various venues from 5.00 pm through till 1.00 am over the three-day week-end. The main stage at 9.00 pm was held for the well-known artists like ‘The Undertones’ The Boomtown Rats and The Blockheads, which we did go to see.

Breakfast and dinner were included in the price of our accommodation and entrance into any of the gigs. It was excellent value for money. A carvery buffet, different roast each day, and a range of alternatives if you didn’t like that. The swimming pool was open with all manner of flumes and fun which we did take a dip in.

We will definitely book ourselves into one of the 60’s Music weekends, perhaps next year, where we know so many of our favourite bands will be playing. We all feel nostalgic for that teenage time in our lives and the music that carried us along, the punks were no different even if they were screaming about injustice in the world and ‘death to the Tories’ that was one sentiment I was in total agreement with, then and now. Yes, the lead singer we encountered that first night did manage to complete a whole one hour set and although the energy levels dipped a little towards the end he pulled it out of the bag for the last song when he thrust his angry face forward at the edge of the stage, veins bulging in his forehead and screamed into the audience ‘I am a psycho’ over and over. I didn’t need any convincing and the crowd loved it.

Our three-night stay in Butlins all inclusive cost £325.00 for both of us and I’m so pleased we managed to take that trip before being incarcerated like the rest of the world.

Take care and stay safe.

82 people found this review helpful

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