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Review: Sabah

Specialist Holiday - Sightseeing

Borneo, Malaysia

Meeting a Komodo dragon

  • By SilverTraveller Myersjem

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  • February 2015
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  • Culture / Sightseeing

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We went on a tip to a small island half an hour from our resort. We decided to walk over the island on a path through the semi jungle which climbed to the highest point. At the top
we came across a Komodo dragon blocking our path with its tail towards us. It was as large as a fully grown crocodile with a similar tail but its head was like a monitor lizards.
We were scared to move and after what seemed like an hour it turned off the path and
crashed down the hill through the jungle. We told our guide what we had seen and he said we were lucky to see one and that it could kill you with a swipe of its tail and if you
were bitten there was no cure as it carried so many bacteria you would die. We thought we had a lucky escape and how easy it was to be in danger even when you are so close to what appears to be safe place in an idealic location. The jungle can be
challenging place.

85 people found this review helpful

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