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Review: Swedish Lapland

Specialist Holiday - Snow/ski

Kiruna, Sweden

Ice hotel

  • By SilverTraveller hazy1221

    1 review

  • February 2009

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Me and my hubby was lucky to win and experience a stay in the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland with our two daughters who were teenagers at the time,we spent 3 nights in a log cabin and 1 night in the ice hotel which was amazing, we were woken up with warm loganberry juice and every thing was made of ice the bed,the seats ,the bar also exhibitions and statues in themed rooms,We also got to go on snowmobiles to a wilderness camp where we ate reindeer stew round a fire in a teepee, and was lucky enough to see a glimpse of the northern lights,our prize also included a ice sculpting workshop which was such good fun, I would of never of dreamed of doing something like this as i always head for the sun, but it is one experience i will never forget as it was simply amazing.

122 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 5 Comment(s)

  • Saracens-Girl
    about 5 years ago
    Sounds fabulous. I've always fancied staying in an ice hotel for a night. What a wonderful prize
  • HMJ
    about 5 years ago
    Like hazy1221 we stayed at the ice hotel many years ago - It was actually 10 as it was to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday (and long before I started writing reviews). My greatest fear was needing to go to the loo in the night. We also had a husky sled transfer from the airport which I'd highly recommend.
  • ESW
    about 5 years ago
    Thank you. I'd wondered how it all worked. -5˚ is still pretty cold!
  • hazy1221
    about 5 years ago
    The hotel is -5 but outside it is -33 so you feel warmer anyway but you only sleep in long johns thermal top ,hat gloves and socks as if you wear to much and you start to sweat it can freeze you sleep in a sleeping bag and all the beds have reindeer skins on , nothing melts as the temperature keeps it solid, its amazing how its all done our room even had a table and chairs in it .
  • ESW
    about 5 years ago
    I've often dreamed about doing this. How did you stay warm at night in the ice hotel if you were sleeping on an ice bed? And perhaps more important, how did you stop it from melting?