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Review: The Old Police Station Cafe


Tavistock Road, Princetown, PL20 6QF, United Kingdom

An oasis in the middle of Dartmoor

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  • November 2017
  • Princetown, Devon.
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O.K. Picture the scene.

It is the 1960’s. Your name is Frank Mitchell. You are planning to escape from one of the most secure prisons in the middle of the most desolate moorland in the south west of England.

Against all the odds you manage to escape. This is the land of Lorna Doone and the territory that is terrorised by the Hound of the Baskervilles. How will you survive this cruel and unforgiving landscape?

Against all the odds, you managed to evade capture and remain undetected.

Then you met up with the Kray Brothers in London.

Goodnight Frank Mitchell.

Frank Mitchell was indeed one of a few prisoners who got away from Dartmoor Prison, only to meet his end at the hands of those infamous twins.

Had he been imprisoned 50 or more years later, he might have been tempted to grab a bite at the Old Police Station Cafe, just down the road from the prison, in the village of Princetown.

He would have been presented with a simple menu at reasonable prices. He would have been greeted by friendly local staff, and very importantly for him, he would have been served quickly before anyone had missed him.

More importantly still, having sampled the excellent food available here at the Old Police Station Cafe, he might have turned around and presented himself back at the prison gates, in the knowledge that he might be able to return to the cafe at some future date for another tasty lunch at a reasonable price, and as a consequence not keep that date with the deadly duo!

C’est la vie!

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Other Members' Thoughts - 1 Comment(s)

  • DRSask
    about 1 year ago
    It's nice to see old buildings re-purposed. Reminds me of a delicious meal I had at Lancaster Castle in the old prison's visiting rooms.