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Review: Arundel


Arundel, West Sussex, United Kingdom


  • By SilverTraveller Terry

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  • August 2018
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We travelled from Worthing by train changing at Ford. From the station approach we walked along a pleasant country footpath for part of the way. The small town was dominated by the ancient Arundel Castle, which sits on a hill. It was built originally in 1067 but was almost completely rebuilt in Victorian times. We didn’t actually go into the castle as it would have cost us £40 and we decided that there was not enough time at our disposal in order to see it all properly. Arundel does have a feudal feel to it, probably because the Howard family the Dukes of Norfolk/Earls of Arundel have owned the castle for over 400 years.

Instead we explored the town itself, browsed the little shops and had tea and cakes in the Motte & Bailey cafe on the High Street. Then we walked up the hill to the Catholic Cathedral built in 1850. It is a magnificent building and inside was the moving “There but not There” tribute to the fallen of the Great War. The original pre-reformation parish church is the Fitzalan Chapel still stands within the castle grounds. On the wall of the castle was a giant Moustache – apparently, it’s been there since the International Beard & Moustache festival. There was the Arundel Museum a modern building, which we did not bother to see around, except for its small art gallery. So, a charming little town steeped in history.

2 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • Terry
    4 months ago
    Yes we thought it was too expensive. We are members of the National Trust and overall you get your value for money
  • sandra_42
    4 months ago
    I would recommend the castle....but seems quite expensive
  • SylviaML
    5 months ago
    I visited Arundel frequently as a teenager, as it was a favourite visiting place for the youth group that I belonged to. That was over 50 years ago and it is lovely to read that it is still a charming little town. We used to go to the lake area which is behind the castle and it was a lovely spot for a picnic and the walk around the lake was always pleasant. I did visit the castle once and it is a very grand place with many portraits of past inhabitants. I took my children to Arundel about 40 years ago and I was pleased to find that there was (and still is) a Wetland Centre where you can see water voles, geese, lots of different species of ducks and various other wetland birds according to the season. There is something for everyone in Arundel and plenty of tea shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs to suit every taste for a bite to eat. Well worth a visit and thank you so much for sharing your experience of a town that holds a special place in my heart. I must go back again some time soon.