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Review: Delhi


Delhi, India

Beware of scams at Delhi station

  • By SilverTraveller ESW

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  • Nov 2010
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We arrived at Delhi Station late off the Rajdhani Express from Guwahati. The station was crowded and there was no sign of our guide. Michael left me with the luggage while he checked the exit. No guide. He then fought his way across the long footbridge across all the platforms to check the other exit. No guide.

After 20 minutes of standing like lemons we decided we would need to get a taxi to the hotel. This is not a good idea at Delhi station as there are all sorts of scams. We were also at the ‘wrong’ side for the official taxi cabs. We couldn’t face a the battle across the footbridge with all our luggage, so a helpful porter took us outside and arranged with the owner of a rather disreputable car to take us to our hotel. We were told 1500rupees with 500 rupees up front. We knew to be extortionate. Michael said very firmly ‘we will pay you at the hotel’.

We got in with luggage piled in round us. We were very relieved to be taken in the right direction and to arrive at the right hotel. Apparently unwary passengers can be told their hotel has been burnt down and taken to another hotel where the taxi driver gets a commission. Nor did we ‘run out of petrol’ on the way – a way of ensuring payment during the journey.

Security staff did rather blink when we arrived at Claridges, but the doorman kept a deadpan face. Michael then checked with the doorman and the hotel manager what a reasonable fare from the station would be. After looking at our mode of transport the hotel manager decided 300 rupees was reasonable. The driver wasn’t happy but the presence of Michael, hotel manager and doorman was too much and he accepted the 300 rupees and went off grumbling.

We were very relieved to arrive safely and paying a reasonable sum for the journey. We just hope the next ‘victim’ manages as well.

59 people found this review helpful

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