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Review: MS Magellan

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Terrible cruise

  • By SilverTraveller cruiser3000

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  • December 2017
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  • Family holiday
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  • Tilbury, UK

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I travelled on the Magellan two years ago and I was so disturbed by my experience that I have not travelled overseas since.

The food was horrendous / the entertainment amateurish as there were no fly in acts and actually they had a comedian who was downright embarrassing/ even the cabin TV had only one program which was a game show (no movies) / the activities on the ship were extremely mediocre and mostly constituted trivia games.

The cabins had horrible noises and ours still had the stains from one accident on the carpet from the bed to the bathroom. Considering it was Christmas they had very poor decorations and as for the Christmas pudding – well I’m glad they explained it was Christmas pudding as it was like none I’ve ever seen.

However the worst aspect was that everyone caught pneumonia. Everyone at our dinner table eventually got it. My partner too. I was the lucky one as I only caught bronchitis. Apparently the ship hospital was overflowing with people on drips for a week at a time.

Since I’d say the pneumonia is in the air conditioning system, I’m eagerly awaiting the stories that are going to come flowing through about the people going down with coronavirus as that is going to definitely be the next challenge that ship faces.

I’ve seen another review on this site and comments seemed to indicate that people didn’t believe the reviewer. Well actually I thought they pulled their punches. They could have said a lot worse. And the Magellan was nominated as one of the ten worst cruise ships in the world by in 2019 so I guess there are others who agree with me.

108 people found this review helpful

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