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Review: Boudicca

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Fine cruise to the fjords of Greenland

  • By SilverTraveller Andrewlgc

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  • August 2019
  • Wife
  • Regular holiday
  • Suite
  • Dover

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We boarded Boudicca at the beginning of August in Dover for her Fjords of Greenland cruise. We had booked a superior outside cabin but were upgraded to a junior suite some weeks before departure. This cabin, 5009, was at the front of the ship and was large, warm and very comfortable. The only noise to be heard was as the ship dropped anchor or used its bow thrusters. We were due to go north to Reykjavik up the west coast of Ireland but because of a severe storm in the Atlantic Captain Degerlund opted to sail the calmer waters of the North Sea. The overnight stay in Reykjavik was pleasant and having been before we chose to wander from the shuttle bus into town to visit the sights on both days.

The ship sailed onto Greenland passing through the magnificent Prins Christiansund and Terssukatok to the first of three tiny ports, Qaqortoq. Here we tendered in to a small town for a wander. The following day we docked in Narsarsuaq and took an excursion across the stunning bay to visit Erik the Red’s Viking ruins. Our final stop was Nanortalik, another tender port where the hospitable locals had laid on a choir in the impressive church, a kayak display and access to museum housed across many buildings. All the time icebergs floated by and the ship paused at massive glaciers en route.

After returning through Prins Christiansund the final port of call was Kirwall in the Orkneys. Here we took an excursion with splendid guide, Kathleen, to Skara Brae, Skaill House and the Ring of Brodgar passing the impressive expanse of Scapa Flow on the way. Unfortunately we had no time to explore Kirkwall itself as the ship was scheduled to arrive late and depart early.

As is the case for out of the ordinary destinations, Fred Olsen laid on a wide range of lectures and there were the usual sea day activities. We did have one complaint: many of the public rooms were very cold, not ideal in a cold climate. However Boudicca looks good after her recent refurbishment and her crew provided excellent friendly service as always. We continue to feel that Fred’s Guest Services are the best in the business. Cruise Director Tim Spicer provided a breath of fresh air and as with the Captain was most approachable.

One final point, the weather was good in all ports of call, particularly in Greenland where we able to take some stunning images.

70 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • ESW
    11 months ago
    Thank you.
  • Andrewlgc
    11 months ago
    It took four sea days to reach Reykjavik where the ship remained overnight sailing at 4.00pm for Greenland. There followed one day at sea then a day cruising through Prins Christiansund and Torssukatok. The ship then spent three days in three seperate ports before sailing back through Prins Christiansund. So four days in Greenland followed by three sea days to Kirkwall and one day sea back to Dover. 16 nights in total.
  • ESW
    11 months ago
    How long did it take to get from Dover to Iceland and then onto Greenland? How many days did the cruise last and how many of those were in Greenland?