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Review: CroisiEurope

Cruise - River Cruise

River Douro with CroisiEurope

  • By SilverTraveller Jani

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  • July 2018
  • Adult family
  • Family holiday
  • Oceanview
  • Porto

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I was with Just You and 20 others on a cruise along the River Douro. Paid extra for a room on the main deck and £310 for all excursions. The cabins were quite small, my sister would have had a problem with her 6’ husband so she was glad he was not there. We were not told that we would be sharing the ship with other companies. Not told either that there would be children as CroisiEurope has a policy of free children places during the months of July and August. The children had 2 ladies who looked after them all day while their parents went off on trips. A pool on the top deck caused a few problems when one of the elderly gentlemen wore budgie smugglers and not much else. He was told politely to cover up.

All food included with alcohol too. Every day would be a new cocktail for you to try. You had to order in the morning for lunch and dinner. Choice of two menus only. WiFi on board was free, depending on mountainous regions. Quizzes every day were very hard, they turned off the internet when people found to be cheating.

The excursions were brilliant, Salamanca, Spain was very interesting, Mateus disappointing as it is the house on the label only. Lots of Port and wine tasting at various Quintas up the River, who knew there was white Port, remind me next time to have it with Lemonade, not tonic.

I only had one problem when I was caught in a closing door of the coach. Had to fill in an incident form and 7 months later, still having problems with my right leg. There is a lift on board the ship for those that need it. Not the best idea for those with limited mobility to go on this trip as there are steps up to the coach and from the docks, steep hills.

39 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • coolonespa
    11 months ago
    Thanks for coming back to me with the extra information Jani. Sounds brilliant.
  • Jani
    11 months ago
    coolonespa The food was amazing. Although only 2 choices, vegetarian and a meat course, there was hardly any problems. Wine was included, I am a cider drinker, no cider- on a French ship???? Breakfast was a buffet, chef made you omelettes with everything in them or just plain cheese. When berthed in Spain for Salamanca, food was Spanish based including Gazpacho. My sister was not impressed as tomato soup should be hot! I thought it was beautiful. On the visit to Vila Real, we were treated to a hot chocolate and a pastry which had almond marzipan filling with an egg yolk cooked delicately on top in a pasty type. Oh my, need to find these in England.
  • coolonespa
    11 months ago
    Thanks for the insight into this cruise. You mentioned the food, was it any good?