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Review: Craft classes on Saga Sapphire

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Book page folding

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  • January 2019
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  • Southampton

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The sea was living up to its name in the Bay of Biscay so the most comfortable position was sitting at a table, our teacher brought many discarded books of all sizes and had removed the outside binder of the book. We were instructed how to fold each page which was different to what you intended to make. After we had compleated folding the whole book, we either did another smaller book which would become the head of our animal we were making, or start decorating as you wished.

I made a sitting cat, kitten, hedgehog, tall cat, Minnie Mouse and an owl. Other guests made a dog, teapot and a coffee cup. The exhibition at the end of cruise was a display to see. Now I have a new hobby, to pass to grand children and the WI to make for charity.

26 people found this review helpful

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