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Review: Saga River Cruise

Cruise - River Cruise

Saga river cruise boat

  • By SilverTraveller Andrea55

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  • May 2017
  • Husband
  • Regular holiday
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  • Budapest

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We took the Filia Rhein II on May 28th from Budapest, to the Danube delta returning to Vienna on June 12th.

The staff of Saga and the boat were superb and my criticism is not of them, but of the boat itself.

The Filia Rheni II is one of the most ancient on the Danube. The cabins are old and small, the TV never worked and the shower was in need of renovation. The shower itself was temperamental.

There were no fly screens at the window- necessary in the evening because of mosquitoes and other biting creatures- the curtains and general decor were very old fashioned.

The dining room was hot, noisy and cramped. I asked why we were squashed in half of it, but there was a service issue. In fact service at meals was poor with waiters leaning over people and tables. I was told the kitchen was small and the food reflected its limitations.

At breakfast we were herded into the next space.The light lunch was very poor and the scones at tea hard and tasteless.

The excursions were very good, but the grading needs explaining to the participants as many were unable to cope with the walking pace.

I was very ill for the last week of the cruise. The kitchen provided the prescribed boiled potatoes and the Saga staff organised my visit to a Slavonic hospital and the emergency medical services with efficiency and care. Again the staff were excellent. However the first aid kit was poor and the defibrillator kept in a cupboard and not easily accessible. I was not referred to anyone experienced in first aid.

I will never again go on a Saga holiday. I suggest that they end their contract with the company owning the Filia Rhein. It is not fit for a holiday cruise.

61 people found this review helpful

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  • sandra_42
    almost 3 years ago
    Wow. That's a terrible experience. I've had one saga holiday and was not overimpressed.