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Review: Rhine Cruise

Cruise - River Cruise

Rhine cruise aboard Rex Rheni

  • By SilverTraveller J.Ellam

    1 review

  • June 2015
  • Outside
  • Wife
  • Regular holiday

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Rated the worst holiday we have ever had! a cruise ship that should be pensioned off.
on seeing the boat for the first time our hearts sank, on entering the boat it got worse,
Shabby, dreadful stairs, poor cabins, and shower/toilet where do I begin, a struggle to get in (and I am fit). The furniture on board is uncomfortable and shabby, the Sun deck
furniture also bad, and you can shade yourself from the sun with an umbrella but you have to hold it all the time as it is a plain simple umbrella.

Entertainment, well it’s painful and pitiful, table tennis competition? Probably only 6 passengers quick enough to hit the ball let alone see it, quoits & putting, that’s it. Evening entertainment , (I nearly called him a singer ) dreadful.

On the plus side, the food was excellent everyday, the restaurant staff very good, and that’s more than can be said for the Saga staff with the exception of the cruise director, nice chap, no leadership skills.

Saga would do well to put an undercover rep on a trip to assess it, at least they will be fed well. A total waste of £3500.

213 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 4 Comment(s)

  • ESW
    over 4 years ago
    Having just come back from 6 days on the Rex Rheni, I feel this review about the boat is most unfair. It wasn’t shabby, having been refurbished in 2015. I don’t know why you say dreadful stairs - they are par for the course and no worse than on other boats I’ve been on. Poor cabins - what are you comparing them with? Cabins on river cruise boats are by the very nature of the boat smaller than on the larger ocean liners. It was snug, but I’ve seen snugger ones... Granted furniture wasn’t 5* luxury hotel style, but chairs in the lounge area were comfortable as were those on the sun deck.

    Your comment “Probably only 6 passengers quick enough to hit the ball let alone see it’ is decidedly ageist. After all Saga are catering for the older market and we may not be as nimble as were were or have such good eyesight. It comes to us all with time...

    The three Sage reps on board were excellent - helpful and approachable and really knew how to look after you. They were always around and always had a cheerful smile. Nothing seemed to phase them. Their care was particularly noticeable on excursions. People walk at different speeds and there was always a sweeper up at the back of the group who made sure no-one got left behind or lost. This was sensitively done so you weren't made to feel embarrassed and the rest of the group weren't aware of it happening. (And yes I have been on excursions where this hasn't happened and someone has got lost - badly lost).

    I avoided the evening entertainment but what I did see wasn’t as bad as you made out....

    My review is here.
  • ESW
    over 5 years ago
    Oh dear, I've just booked up a cruise on Rex Rheni next Easter....I'm not bothered about entertainment and the food seems to be good. I am a bit concerned about your comments on the cabins as the pictures on the web site look OK. How do they compare with other river cruises you have been on?

    Also can you tell me if they have tables and chairs on the sun deck as well as the loungers? I've got a large floppy sun hat so am not too bothered about a sun shade.
  • J.Ellam
    over 6 years ago
    Likewise I'm sure, I don't know what your used to to find that cruise value for money? sail on!
  • Kevmic
    over 6 years ago
    Can't have been on same cruise as my wife and I !
    I feel that if you choose to holiday with Saga then you should expect senior companions, gratuitous insult about table tennis gives readers some idea of this reviewers mindset. Having shared the same cruise I am very glad that I did not have any contact with him!