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Review: Oceana

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Bogs standard

  • By SilverTraveller no-more-PO

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  • Oct 2014
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Do not travel on this ship if you think you might need to use the toilet whilst on-board. They have massive issues with the toilet system.

On Monday 20/10/2104 at 07:20 I discovered that the toilet didn't flush in my cabin. You do not discover this prior to its use, but afterwards, fortunately it was just a number 1. At 08:20 I informed the cabin steward of the problem, expecting it to be an isolated incident, but to my surprise he stated, it was a big problem and none of the toilets were working, and that the plumbers were looking into it. At 08:50 I attempted to use the public lavatories in areas that I was aware, there were some. My finding in every toilet bowl on every level (18 toilets in total,) disgusted me, and caused me an amount of alarm. Every single one was full of human excrement and unable to flush, the stench at this point was close to unbearable, and reminded me of the toilets on a South Korean ship yard I worked at a few years ago.

At 09:10 I informed reception that I was desperate to empty my bowels and had been for some time, to be told that the toilets were not working. I informed them I was aware of this and asked what the procedure was in a situation like this. I was directed to Victoria Fletcher, the Reception Manager. I informed her of my predicament to be told “You’ll just have to hold it in Sir.” At this point I wasn't certain that, that was an option available to me. I had a disturbing flashback to California Primary School 1977, oddly I was wearing short trousers then too.

I realised, that no tannoy announcements had been made about the situation, informing people of what to do, or more pertinently what not to do in certain areas. It was very apparent that nobody was in control of this situation and confusion was reigning. When I asked why I was told by the chief Engineer "I didn't want to wake anybody up."

I was convinced that the public area lavatories would be closed now, or operational. To my disgust they were not operational and not closed, the stench in every one had magnified exponentially, and they were still open to people, and obviously still being used, evident by the fact that someone had defected, on someone else’s excrement. I can not begin to imagine what the poor man must have gone through, when being desperate to relieve himself, he lifted the lid to see somebody's excrement that wouldn't flush, but had no option but to defecate on top of it.

I went back to reception, now in an alarming state of discomfort, from not being allowed to empty my bowels. Many people were at this point complaining about the situation, but being given no direction as to what to do. A ship with over 2,000 people on-board, none or restricted toilet facilities, no management direction, lots of confusion, Toilets full of human excrement for hours, a stench and potential disease spreading situation getting worse, by the minute.

Victoria set up a meeting with Emma Jane Hodges, Customer services manager, and Paul Bailey, Chief Engineer for 17:30 that evening, where I got treat in a very flippant and unprofessional manner. I have since been informed by P&O Marketing Director, that he would have expected the Captain to have been in discussions with me at this point.

21/10/2014. 08:00 My toilet wouldn't flush, what a surprise. I informed my cabin steward who informed me there was a big problem, none of the toilets were working and that they were looking into it.

08:45 I informed Emma Jane that there was a problem with the toilet again, which seemed to catch her by surprise.

A member of the maintenance department came to look at the toilet in my cabin. He informed me that yesterday there was a loss of vacuum, and today only two vacuum pumps were running. He also informed me that the reason we were late sailing away from Gran Canaria was that we had been waiting for some engineers from the UK, to come and fix the sewage system.

Speaking to many passengers, they have had many issues with the toilets, yet P&O staff have informed people of nothing, even after direct questions have been asked. Pointing towards people covering up a rather large operational problem. I appreciate that people may not have to answer a fare paying passengers questions, which is why I have tried to find the regulatory bodies details, as I’m sure they can find the answer to specific questions.

I tried to find out why P&O management had neglected their duty of care of passengers and crew alike, and why health and safety wasn't paramount in their decision making, but I'm obviously not important enough to be given those answers.

136 people found this review helpful

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