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Review: Ventura

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

My retirement cruise

  • By SilverTraveller Su

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  • Dec 2012
  • Adult family
  • Family holiday
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It was December, and we were leaving behind freezing conditions for a balmy fortnight of Caribbean sun. My husband and I had enjoyed numerous cruises in the past, but this was a first for my son.He was a little scepical about doing a cruise because his image was a holiday "for old people" The flight and transfers went to plan, and it not long before we were embarking this mighty ship.I must admit the sheer size of the Ventura was staggering! We were welcomed aboard. It seemed plush and luxurious.We were given a plan of the ship which was essentual,to find our way around.The crew were at hand and were very helpful and cheerful.We located the lift and stepped inside.We selected the appropriate deck, and checked our location in relation to our cabin. WE were at the midship and glanced to the left and right. Our cabin was at the rear of the ship and we could just about see the end of the corridor where it was located.At least our luggage would be delivered to our cabin by the crew, so no lugging of heavy bags. A definate plus! Our cabin was an inside cabin. We decided on this option because we tend to rise early and make the most of the days ashore, or the ships amenities. The cabin was average size and had a bunk for my son. It was going to be a squash for three adults, and I realised we d need to be very organised. Our cases arrived and we unpacked. There was lots of hanging space, but limited drawer space.Wemade the most of what we had. We decided to explore the ship.finding the lido deck where the self serve restaurant was located.It had a large assortment of food to suit all tastes, including fast food to tempt my son! We found a plunge pool located at the back of the ship, and decided this would be a good place to sit, being in close proximity to free cups of tea, and also secluded area with limited sunbeds. We loved the fantastic views out the back with uninterupted views of the ocean.We claimed this special place as our own whenever we could, and on seadays rose early to enjoy this lovely place. As time went on we gradually explored more and more of the ship. To be honest I thought the ship was possibly too large for my taste, and I avoided the noisy open decks where younger families seemed happy to be.My husband needs to be careful in the sun, so opendecks were not suitable because he needed shade. The rear of the ship had shade to offer which suited him. As for my son, he was happy to chill ! The quiet area suited him best too. We had mixed feelings regarding our dining experiences. My son didn t enjoy the set dining that we d opted for. We wished we had managed to get "free dining" which meant you could eat at the restaurant at whatever time suited you on any particular day. This had to be pre booked and requested at time of booking. Unfortunately we didn t do this, and would recommend it as a must. We found that our set time dining was restricted and meant we often rushed to make the 6oclock sitting.Our son prefered the lido restaurant which was selfserve. We however prefured being waited on! Each evening the meal was followed by extensive entertainment to suit all tastes.We enjoyed the entertainment in the main theatre which ranged from musicals, comedians, dancing etc.One thing we did miss was a cinema which we d enjoyed on other cruiselines. My son had a great time and loved his holiday. He personally thought the internet access was very expensive,and didn t use it on board. He waited for opportunities when on shore. He enjoyed all the excursions we did. I must say the variety on offer were good for a range of tastes. We chose lots of different trips ranging from zipwiring,boat trips,visits to beaches, snorkling.and lots more. Having done this cruise, I can say it was great for families, had lots of activities for all ages, and was certainly a fantastic way of seeing so many individual Caribbean islandsWe will certainly do a holiday like this again, maybe with the addition of my older son. Next time however my two boys will share their own cabin!

146 people found this review helpful

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