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Review: Ridge Walk

Attraction - Nature reserve

Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN17 1AH, United Kingdom

June update

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  • June 2020
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This is an update from my previous review written during the first week of May. It is now mid June and I still do teh walk most days.

The hawthorn has finished flowering and you can see the haws beginning to form. It has been taken over by elder, wild roses and brambles. I;cve even found some honeysuckle on Ridge walk near West Common Lane.

The verges are gradually being taken over by grasses which is bad news for hay fever suffereers, I can recognise cocksfoot, rye grass and the wonderfully named Yprkshire Fog. They are crowding out the wild flowers although it is still possbible to find red and white clovers, buttercups, herb robert and sow thistles. The wold strawberries now have fruit but they are tiny- about the size of a small finger nail.

The cowslip meadow near the Ridge Walk car park off Kingsway is now yellow with bird’s foot trefoil. It gets its name from the seed pods that look like the five claw’s of a bird’s foot. Its other, more old fashioned name is eggs and bacon as the yellow flowers turn red as they die. Grandson calls it ‘the full English’ ….

13 people found this review helpful

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