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Review: St Trinian's Church

Attraction - Ruins

A1 between Crosby and Greeba , Isle of Man , United Kingdom

A good story

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  • August 2019
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There isn’t a lot to see, just a small roofless ruined stone chapel in a field along the side of the A1, between Crosby and Greeba. It was originally a monastic chantry, but there is little historical information about it. It is the folklore that makes the place famous!

The local Buggane (a huge ogre-like creature native to the Isle of Man and a bit like a Norwegian troll) was annoyed when a church was built here. Enraged by the sound of the bells it tore the roof off. Even though the roof was replaced, it was torn off again by the Buggane.

There is a wonderful story that just before the last attempt to reroof the church, a local tailor named Timothy Clucas bet he could sit in the church all night and make a pair of breeches and exorcise the Buggane. He stitched rapidly at the trousers all night ignoring the taunts from the Buggane . The trousers finished, Timothy jumped out of the church just as the Buggane tore the roof off again.

The Buggane chased after him and Timothy ran as fast as he could to Marown Church where he took safety in consecrated ground. Bugganes are unable to stand in consecrated ground and was so cross he tore off his head and threw it over the churchyard wall. Timothy escaped, the Buggane was never seen again and the church remains roofless…

18 people found this review helpful

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