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Review: Minack Theatre

Attraction - Theatre

Penzance, United Kingdom

The Minack Theatre

  • By SilverTraveller pzmaid

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  • September 2019
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It’s been a while since a review has been posted about the Minack Theatre and as a ‘local’ I try to visit at least once a year with or without visitors. It really is a magical place. The season runs from March through to October with a wide variety of theatre productions from The Wind in The Willows to Stones In His Pockets, the play we saw this afternoon. Brilliant by the way.

The Minack, originally created by Rowena Cade back in the 1930’s has been improved upon year on year and I’m sure she’d be delighted with ‘how everything turned out.’ Her original idea to stage plays with the ocean as the backdrop is perfect. Today, the weather was glorious if a little windy and the waves crashing below set a magical scene. The seating is set on a fairly steep cliff, cut out of rock. You are advised to bring cushions and wrap up if the weather is chilly.

Over the years I have seen many productions some better than others but it doesn’t really matter. The setting is so spectacular that I’m always thrilled to be there. The gardens are beautifully tended with rockery plants and succulents dotted around the theatre seating creating a truly special place. Some years ago, we attended a show with our American friends and in the interval, they started taking photographs. Charlotte, walked stage left to take a few pics of the ocean and stopped dead in her tracks when she ‘looked around the corner.’ She said, “Gee I didn’t know what I’d see when I turned that corner but I certainly didn’t expect that.” She was looking at Porthcurno Beach, with the sun going down, the tide in and the darkest azure blue sea against the whitest sand. Like I said, magical. You can be distracted from the show with swooping sea birds, yachts bobbing about on the ocean, even fishermen down on the rocks. It all adds to the unique atmosphere. A local told me about a play he’d been to see in the 70’s – Dracula. When the play began the sun was setting in a stormy sky and the mood was eerie. As Dracula rose up from the stage trap door, as if on cue, a roll of thunder shook the entire theatre causing much screaming from the audience (and not just the women) this was closely followed by a crack of lightening that splintered like a spiders web across the whole sky, causing more gasps and screaming. You couldn’t make it up and that’s what I call real special effects.

The facilities from the café to the toilets are excellent. Also, there are plenty of seats at the top of the theatre reserved for disabled customers/wheelchair users.

The Minack Theatre – An Aerial film!

41 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 4 Comment(s)

  • Su
    8 months ago
    My husband and I have been to several performances at The Minnack, and it never disappoints. The sheer beauty of the immediate surroundings are out of this world.
    The last time we went, there were several fishing boats trawling right in front of where we were sitting! It was hard to decide what to watch—- the performance, or the crashing waves and boats bobbing on the wavy sea!
    Whenever we are in the area, we try and get tickets. It has never disappointed!
  • Hardyplant
    11 months ago
    Sadly, I've never been there `though I've read much about it. Coincidentally I've just heard that one of our members (of the East Kent Group of the Alpine Garden Society) is giving a talk about the Minack Theatre in February, but presumably she'll concentrate on the plants/flowers there, however I shall look forward to seeing some good photographs.
  • pzmaid
    11 months ago
    The performance will continue unless adverse weather conditions make the show dangerous. Over the years I've sat through rain and fog and the actors carry on. All part of the fun, sitting in a theatre with your brolly up.
  • ESW
    11 months ago
    Can I ask the idiot's question? What happens if it rains, does the performance still take place?