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Review: Howling Dog Dogsled Tours

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Canmore, Alberta, T1L 1J3, Canada

The ride of a lifetime?!

  • By SilverTraveller DavidT

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  • January 2018
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If ever there was an appropriate name for this experience, “howling dog” is it!!

Very conveniently, the company picks you up from your hotel in Canmore, Banff and the surrounding area and takes you to the start point of the trip up in the mountains at Spray Lakes. Immediately upon arrival, those taking part are given a few minutes’ talk about the format of the trip, just before the dogs are unloaded from their kennels. Once they were out, there would have been no chance of hearing the talk, given the excited barking and howling going on! The noise was tremendous and it was wonderful to hear, and know how much the dogs (Alaskan Racing Huskies) really wanted to get on with their day’s work pulling the sleds.

We had booked the 2-hour tour entitled “Unleash The Musher”! Again aptly named, because as soon as the dogs were harnessed to the sled (with which I was invited to help), they raced away along the trail. They were certainly ‘unleashed’, and the driver/guide didn’t even need to say “mush”!! Curiously, as soon as they started to run, the barking stopped, and we had a eerily quiet, serene run along the lakeside trail.

It was very cold (-15) and had snowed heavily, so the trip was through a winter wonderland, with only the noise of the dogs paws running along, the swoosh of the sled’s runners, and the occasional information from their driver, to accompany us. We sat and relaxed in the sled, and took some fantastic photos. At the halfway point, there was a pause for a hot drink, more photos and more dog stroking, which they really enjoyed as the barking started again!

Our return to the starting point was just as fabulous, with the added excitement for us of the dogs going faster as they knew they were reaching the end of their run – and their treats! At one point, the driver warned us that we might even be “taking to the air” for a few seconds!

Just a couple of warnings – being so cold, appropriate warm clothing is essential, especially for the hands and face. Also, getting in and out of the very low sled is not easy, so a good degree of mobility is necessary. Both those aspects did nothing to spoil it for us, however, and it was definitely one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences.

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  • discerning-traveller
    11 months ago
    Fantastic! I did something similar years ago in Finnish Lapland (-30C!) was a wonderful experience. You're right about the clothing.
    I looked like Mitchelin man , with all the layers , but was never cold.
    The old saying - no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!'