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Review: Seville Cathedral

Attraction - Castles & places of worship

Seville, Andalucia, Spain

A stunning cathedral

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  • February 2015
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We were glad we were visiting Seville’s cathedral ( on a cold, but sunny February day, as even just after opening at 11am, we still had to queue. We paid the €9 entry fee and declined both a guide offering tours in English (€5 each) and the audio guide (€3) as we always find they go into far too much detail.
It was truly spectacular and is said to be the largest in the world despite fierce competition from Saint Paul’s and St Peter’s.
We found the square Giraldo, the bell tower, which can be climbed for views across the city up 35 short, wide ramps and then 17 steps. Apparently the ramps were so horses could get up, but in more modern times, it’s also wheelchair friendly (apart from the final steps). However there are resting places on the way up which afford good views.
The scenes from the top were very good but it was a bit chilly, so we walked back down and visited more of the cathedral before exiting via the orange tree garden where we sat with the sun on our face for a little while to warm up.

125 people found this review helpful

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  • nolongerawageslave
    about 5 years ago
    Just back from Seville with the stunning cathedral. Here's a tip for STs - you can buy a combined ticket for the cathedral and nearby San Salvador church. If you take proof of age it's only 4 euros for over 65s. Go to San Salvador first [no queue]- its baroque interior is as beautiful as the cathedrals exterior- then use it to jump the queue at the cathedral.
  • DRSask
    about 6 years ago
    Thanks for the memories. I was in Seville in the early 90s and paid a visit to the cathedral. I remember the orange grove in the inner courtyard and that the inside of the cathedral seemed dark and macabre compared to the light and sunshine outside. We had also been to the Royal Palace in Seville - Reales Alcazares. I just got my photos out and had another look.
  • HMJ
    about 6 years ago
    I'd suggest either going off peak or at least booking in advance.
  • chrismse
    about 6 years ago
    It looks like a very beautiful Cathedral must put it on my bucket list.