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Review: St Victor Petroglyphs Provincial Historic Site

Attraction - Nature reserve


Old Indian rock carvings

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The site is located on the northern slope Wood Mountain Plateau near the US border, with superb views across the prairies.

For thousands of years, Native Indians have created rock art across the northwestern plains. No one knows exactly who carved them, why they were carved or even when they were carved. Artifacts found from around the site suggest they were carved over a number of years sometime between 500AD to 1750AD. There are no carvings of horses or horses hoofs suggests they were carved before 1750 when horses first appeared in the area.

There are over 300 carvings on rocks around the site. These are best seen early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low and the shadows highlight the carvings. There are rough carvings of human figures, bison and bear as well as animal tracks and human hand prints.

We started at the top car park which has superb views across the prairies and where you can walk across the rocks. We then dropped down to the lower car park where there is a walk through the rocks.

There are no facilities at the site.

This is a fascinating site to wander round. There is a lush growth of wild flowers and the scenery is superb. It is well off the beaten track and receives few visitors.

There is more information about the petroglyphs here

We visited during a five week trip to Canada. I have written a trip report here

I have written a series of detailed reports for some of the places visited for Silver Travel.

124 people found this review helpful

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