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Review: Lodi Gardens

Attraction - Park & Garden

New Delhi, India

Peaceful gardens with some beautiful old mosques

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Lodi Gardens are a short drive from Safdarjang's Tomb. They were laid out in 1936 with fountains, ponds, streams, flowering trees and shrubs and flowers. It is popular with locals and courting couples in the evenings, but is visited by very few non-Indian tourists. It contains small tombs and mosques from the 15-16thC Sayyid and Lodhi Dynasties which preceded the Mughals.

Bara Gumbad's Tomb is an imposing building built at the end of the 15thC on a big platform. It contains small tombs and behind is a large open platform which was used for prayers. There is a long building along one side decorated with Arabic lettering and carved designs in white and dark blue/black.

Sheesh Gumbad is behind and is a smaller building, which still has the remains of its decorative blue tiles.

We walked through the gardens to find Lodhi Tomb, which was surrounded by a huge decorative brick wall. It was a steep climb up rough steps to the entrance courtyard with decorative pillars on the corners. Through the gateway was a beautifully maintained grass garden with variegated shrubs lining the path to the tomb. This was built on a stone platform with a colonnade round the central dome. Inside decorated pillars supported the roof.

Mohammed Shah's Tomb was being restored in October 2009. The central dome and surrounding domes were being re-plastered and were a pale pink colour. We couldn't get access to the tomb as the platform around it was covered with bags of cement and there was scaffolding everywhere. It will look beautiful when finished.

There was a Bonsai garden near the entrance gate. This was disappointing and run down. There were a large number of pots containing not very good trees.

The gardens are accessible to those with limited mobility although there are steps up into all the buildings. These make a nice half day with a visit to Safdarjang's Tomb. It takes you away from the tourists.

Our pictures of Lodhi gardens begin here.

115 people found this review helpful

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