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Review: Jet Airways


Avoid at all cost

  • By SilverTraveller justariot

    1 review

  • Nov 2012
  • Mumbai
  • Bhopal
  • Family including children under 16
  • Economy

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Took Jet Airways Mumbai to Bhopal after a long haul international journey comprising two different flights. Used a stroller for my 2 year old and gave it at the point of entry into the aircraft in Mumbai. Was horrified to find my Bugaboo Chameleon had been knocked about and the brake had been broken. I immediately brought it to the attention of the ground staff who asked me to meet another employee in the baggage collection area. When we arrived at the baggage collection area, there was an employee but he had not been informed at all about what had happened so I had to relate the happenings to him again. He then went and got his manager, to whom I was asked to relate the whole thing to AGAIN. They told me such breakage was down to 'normal wear and tear' and that this service is not a charged service so we had no right to claim the damage back. We contacted Bugaboo and they informed me that rough handling by airlines is not covered by the warranty they offer and the cost of changing the entire chassis (which is the only way to fix this major safety issue) is going to be around £300 with delivery. I was asked to sent the letter from the manufacturer, pictures of the breakage and make a formal complaint. Which I did and gave them a deadline to revert back to me. They extended this deadline and chose a later date, which came and went with no contact from them. They have made a mockery of being child & family friendly. Surely, they have insurance that covers such breakages by their employees and, if so, what is the need for tormenting the customers any more than has been done already. I really hope that India gets another good private airline because Jet seriously sucks! Next time, I would be sure to explore other options rather than take such a rubbish airline! Terrible service and professionalism is not even a word they understand.

45 people found this review helpful

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