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Review: American Airlines


American Airlines

  • By SilverTraveller keithydee

    134 reviews

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  • Apr 2013
  • Family including children under 16
  • Economy
  • Manchester
  • JFK

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This was our first taste of travel with American Airlines on a 7 hr flight from Manchester to JFK in New York. The check in was self service by swiping passports at both ends and the queing wasn't excessive. We travelled on a Boeing 757 economy, the only other option being business class for an extra $7000 each way which seemed excessive to say the least. The air hostesses were more mature than most airlines, as such one would expect better manners however we had one particularly ill tempered hostess outbound who was rude even to her colleagues. The centre aisle was narrow as one would expect and the seats seemed quite shallow, with limited leg room. Films were provided throughout the trip, the screens were set into the bulkhead at intervals down the aisle which made the viewing difficult if you are by the window, there were free headphones outbound however these were $2 a set homeward bound. We were well fed and watered by AA however and the food was nice for airline food, there was a selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to choose from too, all free if wanted. The window seats were cold, with ice forming on the inside, I have never noticed this before on any other airline, all in all, 7 hours was long enough, the food was good but I have been on better planes with friendlier staff in the past which makes the rating average for me.

66 people found this review helpful

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