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Review: Lan


I Love Lan!

  • By SilverTraveller bishiebee

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  • Feb 2011
  • Santiago (Chile)
  • Rio
  • Husband
  • Economy

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We had had a wonderful 'Trip of a Lifetime' – 4 days in Rio then a 2 week cruise round South America (detour for the Falklands) and ended with two days in Chile. We had a lovely rep in Chile who did everything for us, including getting our boarding passes for the trip home when we got to the airport – which as it turned out could have cost us thousands.

We had flown into Rio on BA at the begining of the trip and we thought we were flying back to Rio to pick up the BA flight to Heathrow. Trouble is these days you don't have tickets – just pieces of paper – no names just codes for airports etc. I dirgress.

Our Rep apologised in advance "I'm afraid our local airline does not compare with BA" We duly got on the plane and flew to Rio (via San Paulo) after clearing customs in Rio we went to collect our luggage – no luggage. We approached the 'help' desk. The rather feirce looking lady took our tickets and said "you are in Rio" We looked at each other puzzled, my husband said "we KNOW we're in Rio" she said "you should have got off in San Paulo there is no BA flight from here to Heathrow today"

We felt sick – I mean we've all missed our stop on a bus or train – but this was a bit more serious.

She picked up the phone – we could'nt understand what she said but when she put down the phone she said "if you hurry you may be able to get the plane back" we knew we had had a 5 hour delay between planes on this trip so, as it was only an hours flight back to San Paulo we, could in theory make it. With thoughts going through our heads of overnight hotels in Rio and paying for another flight home…….. we're no spring chickens but we did spring into action then…………. They held the flight back for a few minutes to allow us time to get there and closed the doors as soon as we got on board, the flight crew were all smiling at us, goodness knows what they thought !

When we landed in San Paulo – the captain came back to speak to us before they opened the doors "You don't like airports then? – you would rather be in the air and flying than waiting about in departure lounges?" He was almost laughing. We were the only ones to get off – and I don't know but I THINK they made the stop just for us! WHAT a airline – what lovely people.

We did make our flight – just – and next time we're going to check out all those silly codes for airports BEFORE we go!!!!!!!!

140 people found this review helpful

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