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Review: Hilton at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton

Accommodation - Hotel

Botley Road, Southampton, SO30 3XH, United Kingdom

Certainly not impressed

  • By SilverTraveller oldlangelei

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  • June 2019
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  • Personal / family celebration

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The Beefy’s restaurant was a real disappointment to us. In such a prestigious position it should have been operating much more efficiently. Staffing issues seemd very evident. Even though we were one of the earliest diners our meals were very delayed in being served and they were not anything that would require extensive preparation. The whole service itself was extremely protracted, the meal continually interspersed by asking if everything was ok (our reply being it would be discussed when finishing) and other diners arriving and leaving before we had finished our main course. Around us we observed steak knives having to be exchanged for perhaps sharper ones and one diner even found a fried plastic ring amongst his fried onion rings.

Our own meals were bland; the trout suspiciously undercooked, the crab thermidor seemed to missing a considerable amount of the meat and quite honestly neither deserved the charge placed on them. To be fair, when the final bill arrived and the whole dining episode chatted about to Luis Culcay the duty restaurant manager at the time, he did agree and reduced the amount accordingly.

While the room allocation was perfectly acceptable and clean we had to laugh at the obvious reluctance of housekeeping staff to notice that one half of the king-size bed bases needed to be turned round, instead of displaying a huge notice hanging off the end of it detailing all the information regarding it. Very sloppy indeed.
Room breakfast tray arrived exactly on time – credit there. However, after delivery it was discovered no butter had been included. Apologies followed from the very nice waitress, but, after chasing this, while it was on its way, tea was started to be poured until it was perfectly obvious it was stone cold in the delivered teapot. When a fresh pot of hot tea was finally delivered I accepted it at the doorway as one of us was getting dressed but it came on no tray or plate and the steel pot had to be handled as it was. Consequently two fingers got burnt, one blistering up immediately. This was reported and formalised at check-out.

Only 2 lifts out of the three were operating, with the effect they were continually being queued up for and for those with a disability it meant interminable, uncomfortable standing.

Two families with six children between them were roomed in two rooms opposite ours and they were permitted to use the corridor as a playground, especially using the luggage trolley, continually during this period of 24 hours.

All did not end there. We were there to attend a special centenary luncheon and unfortunately staffing levels seemed conspicuously limited there too. When some tables had finished their courses, many were still waiting to be served. Little details as this spoil an occasion and it is such a shame.

The entire stay was a disappointment and we feel certain the above situations should not have occured in this establishment had all parties been on the ball.

We would also add the addition of extra disabled spaces should be considered, noticing the numbers requiring them.

The health and safety issues, i.e. the hot teapot, the children using the luggage trolley as a play item were reported eventually to Hilton’s customer service, but then that was a completely wasted exercise – It had to be chased up as being completely disregarded. NO we were not impressed at all.

24 people found this review helpful

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